Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Republic Day 2010

India completes 60 years as a Republic.
In 60 years we have moved from Republic day parades in prade grounds to Republic day sales in shopping malls. The sales have brought in the spirit of festivity and celebrations into otherwise a dull holiday.

All were not enjoying the sale. The website team was trying to test the deliveries and do last minute fixes. Last few days have gone into fixing server issues delaying the release which i was expecting they will do on the Republic day. Actually I walked into office expecting the release today, found them working hard to get things going but was clearly told - no relase today.

Lets wait for the launch.

I caught a head line on one page which read - "Business Process Management - stream lining workflows, optimizing business processes" and found it quite impressive. Could not catch the contents and now I will do google search to find out more about this and than compare notes with the site once it comes up.

and I am going home now as my wife wants to catch up with a republic day sale. I tell you, I am not entering those crowded malls and stand in billing queues for the discounts. I will rather save some money by not shopping at all. (this is my thought, but on this account my wife decides)

will be back with more soon, Bye.................

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yessssssss, I will be there on the new site

Yes, I convinced them to include me on the new website.
I am now there on the website as "Inside Cygnet Infotech" and you all will be able to access me from the website.
It was very difficult to convince them that "Inside Cygnet Infotech" is a great concept and it will add value to the website. I had to promise them that I will be good and write value adding things only.
I will look forward to you giving me new ideas to write, now that we will be on the website, we will have to regularly write here and your inputs will be valuable.

thank you all for following me on my blog. I am sure we will be a big gang soon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

last minute rushes

linking this to that
copying from here to there
proof reading
reviewing punch lines - I caught this on one of the pages
(Building .net applications for web, devices & services)
checking ...............................rechecking, editing, rechecking

Must me real close to delivery
I can't wait to have a complete look at it, but can't get hold of it

will be back with inside information soon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Web Look

A new web look is on the cards, I have seen some good work happening on it.

Is it ready ?

Well I don't know; from what I hear they are almost there and may be releasing it soon.

What's new?
It appears that they want to be secretive about it and a lot of hush-hush around it

from the glimpses I had, I can share, it is still the same blue, but looks better. I will steal a few glances and share them with you to keep you updated.

Did I not name my Blog "Inside Cygnet Infotech"
I will bring you inside information here.