Friday, August 31, 2012

Cygnet Announces Participation in GITEX 2012 Technology Week, Dubai

For the second year in a row, Cygnet has announced its participation in GITEX 2012 which is to be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai from 14th to 18th October, 2012.

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is one of the world’s most dynamic and influential ICT exhibitions providing the opportunities of showcasing products and expanding sales network to businesses across the Middle East, African, Indian and South Asian markets.

After GITEX 2011, Cygnet is all set to make further inroads into the Middle East IT market. This year Cygnet is introducing several solutions on Microsoft platform
  • Document Management System on Microsoft SharePoint developed for Engineering and Construction industry
  • Lead Management Solution built on Dynamics CRM for B2B and B2C industry
  • Enterprise Project Management System (EPM) developed on Microsoft Project Server
  • Pre-Packaged Services on Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM
Cygnet believes these offerings are apt for the clients in the Middle East region. Moreover, with Microsoft expertise Cygnet is always an inch ahead of other vendors.

We invite CTO's, CIO's and IT managers  to visit us at S1-A5, India Pavilion, Sheikh Saeed Hall.

Write to to request for a free 1 day exhibition pass.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Near Field Communication – The Next Rebellion in Mobile Field

Bluetooth, QR codes, RFID are the innovations of the modern world. These innovations keep on expanding and with it come new technologies that alter the way we communicate and transact with each other. Near Field Communication is one such rebellion in mobile technology which is on the verge of changing the communication and shopping experience.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless connectivity technology that allows short-range radio communication between devices. It transmits data between transmitter and receiver using electromagnetic radio fields. One just needs to activate the connectivity or simply wave the device in the vicinity of the receiver to capture data and process transactions.

NFC helps in carrying out mobile payment transactions, location tagging, information exchange, by bridging wireless connections between two devices in very close proximity to one another (within a distance of 4cm or less). The most innovative feature of NFC is its super-small range (4cm) which imparts quick connectivity by tracing signals from devices and processes transactions, captures information and QR codes(in case of mobile shopping). Besides these, NFC offers exciting benefits which comprise
  • User-friendliness
  • Enhanced shopping/transaction experience
  • Uses less power and time unlike Bluetooth
  • Does not require pairing of devices
  • Better security
All these benefits assist users in following areas:
  • Checking out at Grocery/Departmental stores
  • Riding subways to work
  • Location tagging while travelling
  • Sharing information and data
NFC is still a new concept in the United States however, it is more common in several parts of Western Europe, Japan and Australia. According to Juniper research report, by 2014, one in five Smartphones will feature NFC application owing to its short-range and quick connectivity. Experts believe that the technology will take full swing by 2015. Since these reports loudly declare the proliferation of NFC technology, more and more mobile companies have started embracing NFC technology in their mobile devices. Google has already introduced NFC application in its Nexus S Smartphone while Nokia has also considered this newbie technology to incorporate in their mobile devices. Rumor is also that iPhone5 will also feature this smart technology.

Since NFC replaces physical money and credit cards for carrying out transactions and re-enforces better user-experience and security, many smartphone users around the world are to benefit a lot by this technology.

NFC will soon turn their mobile phones into loyalty-cards, coupon carriers, devices to check-in hotel rooms, access computers, payment devices, security keys for cars, etc.

Now whether you want to swipe your smartphone at grocery store checkout or share latest games with your friend or wave it over while entering a museum or hotel room, Near Field Communication technology will let you play, pay and learn easily.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cygnet's Executive Director Appointed GESIA's Joint Secretary


Mr. Tejinder Oberoi, Cygnet's Executive Director has been appointed the Joint Secretary of GESIA - Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association for the year 2012-13. Mr. Oberoi had earlier served as an executive committe member during the previous term.

Source: DNA
GESIA represents over 1000 companies in the electronics, software, IT, ITES, BPO, KPO, telecom, IT education and networking industries. It is the only state level trade association recognized by the government of Gujarat. For enhanced growth, GESIA is looking for more support from the government for the SME sector in the coming years.

Cygnet Expands Development Capacity

Cygnet is thrilled to announce the opening of its 3rd office premises in Ahmedabad at 3rd Floor, Optionz, Lane opp Girish Colddrinks, Off C G Road, Navarangapura, Ahmedabad-380009

This premise has a modern decor with a seating capacity of 60+. Between April 2011 and March 2012, Cygnet has grown from a 200 people company to a 300+ people company which has demanded an expansion in physical office space.

The new office will have significant section dedicated to Cygnet's Center of Excellence for QA and Software Testing. Speaking on this occasion, Niraj Hutheesing, Cygnet's MD said, "Quality is one of the triats of which the other two are Reliability and Security which form the basis of all the products and services we deliver to our clients. We are looking forward to servicing more clients from our new office space."
To give an excellent start to the new office, a Satyanarayana Puja was organized on 11th August.

Meditation Workshop at Cygnet

It is Cygnet’s continuous endeavor to improve health & wellness of their employees as it leads to higher productivity, better performance & increases the Happiness Quotient (HQ). With the intent to bring in efficiency to personal & professional work, Cygnet organized a workshop on meditation on Friday the 10th of Aug, 2012.

The workshop was conducted by eminent meditation teacher. It was planned to be conducted for all Cygnetians in small batches.

Some of the benefits of doing regular meditation as pointed out by the meditation teacher are:

Benefits of Meditation in Job
  • Enhances the ability to concentrate and focus on tasks
  • Makes you feel more connected with who you really are
  • Improves staff interactions
  • Build direct and assertive communication
  • Assists in proactive execution
  • Aims for perfection
  • Improves relationship with colleagues & customers
  • Reduces stress
  • You become more attentive, more focused and energized
  • Creates a healthy work environment
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduce the need for medical care and health insurance claims
Benefits of Meditation in Personal Life
  • Improves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces exhaustion
  • Increases immunity & tolerance
  • Increases self confidence
  • Helps maintaining equilibrium of mind
  • Helps building positive attitude
  • Builds intuition
  • Helps in building character
Our clients from Australia, Brent Lacey and Ashley Gale, also participated in the workshop.

We encourage everyone to take part in such workshops and learn meditation for their personal as well as professional well-being.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cygnet Launches Test Center of Excellence for Enterprise QA & Software Testing

Cygnet Infotech recently launched it's Test Center of Excellence for Enterprise QA & Software Testing at its HQ, Ahmedabad with a view to ensure high level of quality assurance and precise testing of software and applications.

The new Test CoE supports comprehensive range of Tests for complete Software Development Life Cycle. It is equipped with wide range of Libraries and Frameworks to provide accelerated testing services to clients. Moreover, it is a certified affiliate partner of ISTQB thus; it utilizes standardized testing procedures which ensure complete readiness and superior performance of software products. At new Test CoE, the clients can also avail the advantages of latest testing methodologies and tools which scales up their product’s quality from multiple dimensions with reduced downtime and costs.

Cygnet’s Enterprise Quality Assurance and Software Testing CoE include:
  • Managed Testing Services for Web, Mobile, ERP and Desktop Applications
  • Test Automation Services using industry leading Commercial & Open Source tools - Selenium, QTP, Jmeter, Visual Studio Ultimate, etc
  • Performance Test Labs for Load and Stress Testing
  • Cygnet’s Proprietary Functional Test Automation Solution
  • Microsoft Software Test Labs for Functional and Non-Functional Testing
  • Specialized Services for Microsoft SharePoint Testing and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Testing Services
  • Flexible Performance & SLA driven engagement models
  • CMMi3 and ISO certified processes
  • Expert Test Engineers with broad expertise across complete Software Test Lifecycle
With the above offerings, Cygnet’s Test Center of Excellence for Enterprise QA and Software Testing promises to withstand client’s diverse requirements ensuring excellent testing services and emerge as the most reliable Software testing partner for its clients.

Find out more about Cygnet’s Testing Services

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cygnet Develops a Portal to Help Students in Searching Medical Schools

It has been a serious concern for medical students to find best medical schools which meets their requirements and preferences according to their grades and merits. Students as well as their parents do not have exposure to the right platform which can provide them complete information about schools, fees structure, location, admission procedure, etc. This is why students miss the right bus of expanding their knowledge and fulfilling their dream of joining best medical school.

With a thought of helping students in this regard, one of the Canada based entrepreneur (with an interest in IT services and products) decided to develop a portal which would integrate information of all medical schools based in USA and Canada. To develop this portal, the client approached Cygnet which joined hands with the client in his kind purpose of helping students find their dream medical school.
Cygnet thoroughly reckoned the requirement and moved in the direction of developing the desired portal for client by taking steps as mentioned below
  • Engaged a team of analysts, designers, developers and software testers to work at every level of the project
  • Utilized technologies like ASP.Net MVC 3.0, SQL Server, C#, JQuery, JSON, HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Worked on searching for database of medical schools to integrate in the system along with database given by client
  • .Net development team created solid information architecture by inserting 75 attributes and extensive search criterias
  • Graphics team developed appealing UI of the portal by working in line with client’s requirement
Following the above steps, Cygnet’s team developed the portal which includes functions like
  • Registration to help student in conducting search of medical schools according to their grades, requirements and preferences
  • Save Search feature to help students and parents save previous searches for future reference and sharing
  • Save Student Preference feature to save preferred criteria of students such as location, program, etc for searching medical schools
  • Security feature to protect user’s information from misuse
  • Wide number of variables and parameters to maximize on the specificity of the search result sets
  • Custom Notes feature to track progress, reviews, blogs, special information, etc
Incorporating all the above features, Cygnet successfully completed the task of developing portal for searching medical schools within 5 months.

Looking at his desire to provide fast, stable and reliable medical school search engine accomplished just within 5 months, client heartily appreciated Cygnet‘s efforts by saying

“You have excellent employees who think very highly of the work they do in delivering quality products

Cygnet is overwhelmed with such an appreciation from the client.  All the teams involved in the development of portal are very happy to help client in fulfilling his aim.

Have a project in mind? Let Cygnet help you with its expertise in various software development technologies.