Monday, December 20, 2010

Using iPhones to deliver Healthcare e-learning

The moment our customer, healthcare educationist, saw students (healthcare professionals) spending significant time on their iPhone and reaching out for their laptops less and less, he decided to add iPhone to deliver e-learning in addition to its web based delivery platform. We analyzed the requirements and utilized our iPhone application development expertise to create this M-learning experience.

The design team worked to create a User Interface to ensure maximum synergy in its web based delivery model and iPhone experience. E learning content, notebooks and AVI were moved onto the iPhone interface and necessary changes were made for iPhone compatibility of content. Dry test runs were done to ensure error free user experience.

This M-learning application allowed professionals to upgrade their skills, access online notebook, attempt test & surveys, download documents, etc. on the iPhone, saving time and making the information available on the go.

The application allowed our client to stay ahead with technology while offering services to its clients. His clients paid back by subscribing to M learning in large numbers.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Developed an Android based educational games for children

If you want an interactive tool for training children, than mobile games must be there in your list. Easy access and quick learning has made it one of the fastest growing educational tools. Have you adopted it for education delivery?

We recently built an android based game on mobile phones for an educational institute which can develop intuition, decision making and motor skills in kindergarten children. The interface design used lot of flash, giving playful appeal and making kids involved. Our Android developers followed rigorous testing cycles to test the application and enhance to improve the usability of the application.

In today’s mobile learning revolution this fresh idea of teaching through a game could gather overwhelming response from the parents and kids. The application was available on online app store adding to revenues of our customer and encouraging him to plan more games for M-learning.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Designed an Mobile add-on for an Inventory management application

When this client of ours discussed with us how he was bogged by the management of large inventories in remote ware house locations and its cost and the prohibitive cost of implementing an inventory management system, we recommended building an application for him on the mobile phones with a bar code scanner attachment at a small fraction of the total cost that he could use for inventory management.

The client couldn’t believe this is feasible until we charted it out and explained how the system will work and even update the inventory on his existing inventory system at a central location.
The system design enabled the team to read inventory bar codes with the scanners attached to mobile phones and keep the records in the application which updates the inventory on the central server.

The mobile application was developed as an add-on feature of the existing system saving substantial costs. It improved inventory handling and reduced cost and effort for managing the inventory manually.

The application was easy to operate, accessible round the clock and can be integrated with SAP applications. To know more please click here.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Cricket game churns money

This iPhone cricket game churns money for my client each time someone downloads it from the appstore. My iPhone application development team designed this exciting application filled with rich features and simple navigation. The most involving task was to develop the game more challenging and unpredictable to the player.

Game offered functions such as selection of country, team or players, quick match to play ODI, 20:20 or tournaments, statistical chart at game end, flexibility to pause or resume the game, etc. Our work exceeded our customer expectations.

The application has caught the fancy of the iPhone users for its innovative and fresh approach and is a popular download on appstore, generating decent revenues for the client.

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Cygnet Infotech organizes a Blood Donation Camp at its premises.

We organized a blood donation camp at the office in association with the Lioness Club and Prathma Blood Bank.

And what an overwhelming response we received from our team. 51 units were collected surprising even the organizers and the blood bank. We were quite excited to see how closely our team connects with the social cause and respond to such donation requests with this level of Zeal. Those who could not donate due to health reasons promised themselves to return for a blood donation next time with better health.

The blood donation was spearheaded from the front by our Managing Director who contributed his unit of blood.

We have now decided to make it an annual event at Cygnet Infotech.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shopping cart on iPhone

When my client realized that his customers are going to use their phone to recharge his card and not his desktop, he rushed to develop an application to help clients recharge their calling cards from their mobile. Our iPhone application development team worked in coordination with our customer to bring this concept to life.

This application serves as shopping cart accessible 24*7 to iPhone users. End users can purchase calling cards using online secure payment gateway and can view or recharge their balance anytime / anywhere. It facilitates the users to keep track on their account history, number of cards purchase, active cards, etc.

This iPhone application became very popular amongst end users as it was simple to use and complete database is stored on iPhone itself which allows user to keep monitoring and updating the information.

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