Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cygnet’s Training Division Organized a Scholarship Program for IT Students

Cygnet Training Center, a division of Cygnet Infotech on 7th April, 2012 had organized a Scholarship program for IT students. The program was conducted with an aim to provide Certified Professional Training on Mobile Technology to interested and capable students.
To become eligible for this program, the students went through various examinations. On the basis of the evaluation results of these examinations; they were offered participation in scholarship program. Approximately 125 students participated in screening test of which 25 students were shortlisted to appear for the Presentation Skills Test round. Out of these 25 students, 6 students turned out exceptionally well and further went through Personal Interview round and were selected for the Scholarship.

Here are some highlights of the training program:
  • 12 hours training per day for complete 4 months under the guidance of specialized mentors
  • Will sharpen skills on all mobile technologies such as Android, iPhone and Windows
  • Includes stipend payable to each student based on performance in the training
  • Exposure to real time projects
  • Technical Seminars and Workshops
  • Become a Certified Professional in respective technology
With this program, Cygnet Training Center is looking forward to provide roadmap of a successful IT career to students and make a difference in their professional lives.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cygnet’s Capability in Developing E-Learning Solutions

Education has played an important role over the centuries and generations of human history. The growing concern about and need for education has increased the size and number of educational fields and learners. This includes students as well as professionals with a zest to learn and apply skills in their professional careers. With this growth, education has taken many forms and styles of which E-learning is one of the most useful and productive methodologies for delivering education.

E-Learning is a system of learning via the internet that enables people to learn anytime, anywhere at their convenience. It is a great nonlinear process wherein student decides what to study and how and when he/she will access the information. It allows them to choose content and tools as per their capabilities, interests and needs. This is why e-learning has gained popularity. Moreover, it serves a great method geared towards effective delivery of education. 

When compared to classroom teaching, E-learning provides improved quality of education & training. It reduces the cost of delivery due to easy online access. Besides this, it includes self-paced learning, multimedia and interactive products. E-learning also facilitates progress and achievement monitoring. Therefore, more and more colleges, schools and universities are embracing E-learning technology by partnering with E-learning Solution providers.  These firms provide an array of services; designing and developing an online platform to manage and deliver educational content.

Cygnet Infotech is one of the leading providers of E-learning Solutions. It develops and designs portals to deliver educational content based on requirement of clients. It has expertise in developing customized targeted tutorials that can be accessed online via Learning Management Systems (LMS). Cygnet develops LMS using technologies like Microsoft .Net, C#, SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 and along with 3 Tiered Designs and CSS formatting.

Cygnet has developed many such customized E-learning applications for its clients. It has huge experience in creating instructional systems and designs, contents and graphics with integrated multimedia to make an interactive learning program.

Cygnet’s executes E-learning solutions by: 
  • Developing infrastructure and design to ensure effective training and learning
  • Customizing and deploying course content in LMS portal, with pre-defined formats developed to meet the required standards and learning styles
  • Scripting, coding and developing other software features to integrate various branches of content, administration and learners
  • Incorporating cutting edge multimedia to enrich the learning experience which allow learners to visualize concepts
  • Building architecture for Virtual Reading and Tests for a complete learning process
  • Integrating interactive learning activities which enable learners to use the material rather than merely listen or view it
  • Establishing Quality, Security and Support platforms for better maintenance and execution of learning program 
With all of the above methodologies, Cygnet develops technologically advanced Learning Management System for E-learning, which removes the barriers of distance and classroom teaching, thereby opening up opportunities for expansion of knowledge and education.

Cygnet E-learning team’s technical and inventive capabilities adapt to current trends and deliver customized E-learning Solutions which enhance the learning process and reaches beyond client’s expectations. 

If you want to maximize knowledge in fruitful ways and give your student these advantages, Cygnet will be happy to assist you in your endeavor.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cygnet Java Team’s Assistance to Client in Managing Billing Application

Cygnet again has expanded its list of happy clients with its unmatched services and technology. This time it is glad to express that its Java team has been successful in providing service to manage the billing application of its client based in California (USA) who deals in providing online faxing solutions across the world.

The Java Team of Cygnet has extended great efforts in the programming of Billing Application which has helped the client in delivering accurate faxing solutions to various counterparts of the world. The billing application works on differentiating criteria such as True or False and detects Errors and Uncovered Codes in the Test Cases which was previously impeding the working of the Test Cases in the Billing Application. 
With an exceptional know-how, Cygnet's Java Team has managed to cover the codes in the Test Cases to facilitate smooth running of the application. It has worked to increase the frequency of running the Test Cases correctly and has achieved 93.1% code coverage which is the highest possible Code Logic covered till now. It has used the technology such as Spring, Oracle, and iBATIS to create the code coverage which has removed the gaps in the application and on the other hand has increased the running efficiency of the application and reports generated through it.
The client is very happy to notice the development in his Billing Application done by Cygnet’s Java Team and has greatly appreciated the teams’ effort. 
The client is highly impressed and has made a remark- 
“It is very good to see the progress we have made. This is impressive and just wanted to mention that you are doing an excellent job.”
After this project, the client has also allocated another project to Cygnet.
Cygnet is grateful to receive such an appreciation from clients and promises to provide such unprecedented solutions to clients on continuous basis.
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Tool Developed By Cygnet's JAVA Team to ensure Accurate Management and Format of DID Database

Cygnet’s Java team on demand of its client (World-class leader in Electronic Fax Solution – based in USA) has developed customized auditing tool termed as LNF - Local Number Formatter which monitors city entries of all countries in DID (Direct Inward Dialing) database and ensures its accurate formatting therein.

LNF can maintain database of different countries area codes in proper format and can align them for better report generation irrespective of location and data format. It ingeniously helps client in managing, evaluating, differentiating, controlling and customizing entries of different country codes and area codes in DID database as per requirement. Built on latest technology like Groovy, Grails, JQuery and Magnolia CMS, LNF is capable of performing several tasks internally and present the database in required format as per client's needs.

LNF executes functions like
  • Providing basic database of country codes and area codes in accurate format
  • Helps in audit of various area codes
  • Evaluates LNF numbers as per parameters of different countries
  • Manages errors
  • Filters numbers as per different countries
  • Compares key values and evaluates DIDs to ensure database formats are correct
LNF has been successful in addressing challenges faced by client in formatting and usage of DID numbers for Report Generation. 

Through LNF, the Java Team has appropriately addressed client’s issue with which the client is very happy and has greatly appreciated the team’s efforts for meeting his customized requirement and said

“This is looking REALLY good! This is an excellent wok; I am very excited about this tool - Nice Job!!”

Cygnet’s Java Team is proud to receive such an appreciation. It has done a great job in delivering productive solution to client with its unparalleled expertise and solid efforts.

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Cygnet Delivered 35000 Hours on Grails Application Development in 2011

Grails is one of the popular J2EE frameworks. It is built on Spring and based on Groovy, the leading dynamic language of Java Platform. It is an advanced and innovative open source web-application platform that offers new levels of productivity by applying principles of Convention over Configuration. It absorbs agile methodologies and creates high quality, easy to use applications in small time that meets every user's expectations and requirements.

Cygnet Infotech has significant project experience in Grails technology. It has a huge team that develops applications on Grails and related technologies.

In the year 2011, Cygnet's Java team clocked over 35,000 hours on Grails Application Development which is quite significant for software development companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Besides Grails, Cygnet also has huge expertise in technologies like Spring, Struts, Hibernate, GORM, JSP/Servlets, Java Beans (EJB), AWT/Swing and many more. Read more.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

My PicPhone Book – a Picture Dialing App Developed by Cygnet’s Mobility Team

MyPicPhone Book is an amazing IPhone application developed by Cygnet’s Mobility Team for its Germany based client. The application brings an exciting feature to IPhone users for making calls using pictures of contact persons.

MyPicPhone Book works wonderfully for the client who was previously bogged with conventional and lengthy mode of calling. Since the client wanted a smart application to manage contacts with pictures and use them for instant calling, Cygnet took the initiative and fulfilled his requirement.
MyPicPhone Book has a facility to connect the call with a mere tap on the picture of the contact person. Thus, it gives direct connectivity discarding long scrolling process of finding person’s name from the contact list. The application was developed using IPhone SDK 3.0 technology.

The application incorporates following features:
  •          Ability to attach pictures with contacts
  •          Facility to edit, change or remove picture attached with the contact
  •          Manages innumerable contacts with pictures
  •          Facility to set up the sequence of pictures for quick dialing
  •          Displays picture even while the call is in progress
The client was very happy to see Cygnet’s excellent work followed by which he has assigned more projects of Mobile Application Development to Cygnet.

Cygnet’s mobility team is highly enthusiastic with such appreciation and looks forward to deliver more solutions to its clients.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cygnet's Web Development Team Receives Client Appreciation for Creativity in Design

Since many years, Cygnet has been providing Designing Services like Website Design, Logo & Brochure Design, Flash & 3D Animation, and PSD to HTML conversion to various businesses round the globe.

It has successfully completed various Web Development projects and delivered outstanding design services to clients by blending creativity with technology in its design deliveries. The team works incessantly to deliver high quality graphics and designing services to its clients spread across industry verticals.

One such client for whom Cygnet’s web development team has reached the zenith of providing innovative Web Design services is an Australian based Content Management and Web Development Services provider.

The client wished to develop a website with eye-catching graphics with ability to alter content on a frequent basis. The team worked hard to develop the website and created fancy graphical interface using Adobe Photoshop CS 5.0 and latest Content Management System which exactly matched his requirements.

The team delivered the website project within stipulated time and exceeded client’s expectations looking at which he said

“I would just like to take some time to thank you for the great design work, The designs were exactly to the specifications, I am very happy with them, you have done a very good job.”

Cygnet’s web development team is happy to receive such an accolade from client and promises to fulfill all its future projects with its incomparable designing services.

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