Friday, March 30, 2012

Cygnet’s Competency in Developing E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution

Companies today face challenges like attracting and converting visitors to buyers, shifting customer loyalties, operational inefficiencies, lengthy customer acquisition cycles, huge costs etc. To eliminate this constraint, Ecommerce Shopping Cart System has been on the cards these days which provide flexible and convenient shopping experience to people who browse products on web while sitting at home or workplace.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Technology enhances shopping experience and exerts better consumer relationship narrowing down geographical disparities. It offers easy and quick online shopping, secured transactions, greater product information and active participation in web store community. Besides this, it rejuvenates complete online buying cycle and expands new avenues for business.

Cygnet Infotech is one of the competent players in developing Ecommerce Solutions. With its core technical expertise it has developed innovative Ecommerce Solution which empowers business to maximize sales, deliver superior buying experience to customers and reduce cost of customer engagement. Cygnet’s Ecommerce Solution furnishes customized shopping carts, multiple payment options and secured payment gateways, product/web store for wide spectrum of industries which provide rich buying experience and desired information to users with minimum clicks.

One such industry for which Cygnet has gained impetus of delivering out-of-the-box Ecommerce Solution is Optometry or Eye Care Retail Industry. Cygnet’s Ecommerce Solution has sensationally altered the functioning and sales life cycle of its Opticians and Retail Eye Care Clients. It has integrated several technologies such as Microsoft .Net Nuke, ASP .Net 3.5 & 4.0, C Sharp along with JQuery and SQL 2005 and 2008 to build comprehensive E-commerce Shopping Cart Solution for more than 2 dozen+ Optical Retailers in USA who have noticeably experienced increased sales, quicker transactions and improved operational efficiency. Cygnet’s Ecommerce Solution has enabled these Optical Retailers to

  • Serve Multiple Sales Channel
  • Implement prompt Sales Strategy
  • Deliver Personalized Online Shopping Experience to Buyers
  • Provide Robust Merchandising Support 
Cygnet’s versatile technology advancement and fool-proof technical innovations has made it deliver ground-breaking Ecommerce Solutions to clients which have helped them automate complete sales process. It has not only provided flexibility and extensibility in sales process but has also enabled them to capitalize on opportunities to rapidly evolving customer behavior and demands. 

If you are deliberating on decision of giving an Ecommerce shift to your business, get in touch with Cygnet’s expert E-commerce team who will help you in getting the right Ecommerce Solution for your business.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cygnet Develops Mobile Money Transfer and Bill Payment System

Cygnet has made yet another achievement by developing a system for Mobile Money Transfer and Bill Payment for client. The client is a leading Money Transfer service provider operating in USA and Mexico since 10 years. The challenge for client was to spread the benefits of Mobile Money Transfer and Mobile Bill Payment in cost efficient way across various places and users who can send and receive money and pay bills at their convenience and ease through mobile. Cygnet stepped ahead to take up the task and with its thoughtful insight and excellent technology developed the system which met the exact concern of the client.

The system of Mobile Money Transfer helps users send and receive money across domestic as well as international boundaries anywhere anytime without cash, checkbook, envelopes, or stamps. The application works on simple browser accessed through mobile and PC and also via SMS. It has been assembled integrating latest security and encryption technology to ensure information of users is kept private and secured. The system is built with a blend of Delphi and .Net technology in right proportion and works on three platforms:

  • Mobile: Customer supplies security code to system via mobile browser and transfer mobile to bank and mobile to cash
  • Web: Customer logins the website with username and security password and transfers money
  • Agent Application: Customer transfers money through local agent in case there is no mobile or secured username and password to access the website

Mobile Money Transfer also incorporates Bill Payment facility to pay various electric bills, cell-phone bills etc in safer, faster, easier and cheaper way and features a Banking System which covers comprehensive financial and banking activity such as Client management, loan & savings contracts, and accounting. 

Some benefits Money Transfer System accrues are:
  • Anytime money can be transferred via any medium: Mobile, Web, Agent Application 
  • Facility to withdraw money
  • Transfer from one bank account to another with integrated banking application
  • Saves all transaction history
  • Facility to transfer money using Pre-paid card
  • Compliant with national and international regulations
  • Supports multiple currencies and language

On the whole, unlike traditional financial services system, Mobile Money Transfer provides technology based multiple cash services which allows users to transfer money, pay bills, make telephone calls or purchase gift certificates with greater security, anonymity, flexibility, savings and many more benefits.

The client has valued Cygnet’s effort in building the system and has thanked the team with words –

“This email is just to acknowledge that your work to date has been very satisfactory and that I am very appreciative of the work. The functions have by and large been addressed as per requirements and bugs/issues that arose you have to date addressed correctly”

Keeping in mind such an appreciation and client’s satisfaction, Cygnet always strive to deliver best solution to them and achieve a level above their expectation. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cygnet’s Triumphant Participation in CeBIT 2012

Cygnet is proud to announce its successful participation in CeBIT 2012 held in Hanover, Germany. It was memorable and prolific 5 day experience where Cygnet met lots of people from various industries and businesses who visited its colorful stall displaying various services and offerings.

At CeBIT, Cygnet showcased its expertise in Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM and also promoted its Mobile Application Development Services to its target audience. A lot of people showed interest in Cygnet’s services and products and discussed their requirements and expectations.

Cygnet rocked the show with many different and amusing tactics which attracted the audience. It had organized a Snakes and Ladder game at its stall which explained complete Software Development Life Cycle. More over it was accompanied by a huge Dice which displayed different services and information of Cygnet. The Dice was rolled across the Hall 6 which allured the viewers and created a lot of curiosity among them.

With CeBIT, Cygnet got a very good platform to highlight its services and expertise in various verticals of Information Technology. In a nutshell, it was a fabulous experience for Cygnet to be a part of such major IT show and demonstrate its offerings & services among big players of the industry.

Check out more videos here

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cygnet's Stall at CeBIT 2012 – LIVE from Hanover Germany

Cygnet Infotech at CeBIT 2012. Catch up with whats happenings LIVE from Hanover Germany

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‘Eye Trends’ a Mobile Application developed by Cygnet to Keep Abreast with Latest Trends in Eyewear

Cygnet’s Mobility Team has designed several out of the box mobile applications with intelligent techniques and expertise to help clients in meeting their requirements and increase efficiency of their respective business. With such an expertise, Cygnet’s mobility team has come out with a mobile application called ‘Eye Trends’ for one of its US based client.

This application is developed to help users try and test different eye wears virtually on their face. It has an interactive interface that works like a mirror and helps users to get idea how it would actually look on their face. The application gives live trail experience to users and guides them in selecting best suitable pair of glasses.

Eye Trends is built on Android SDK 2.0 technology and thus can be used by any Android mobile user. It has a huge collection of latest designer frames and glasses from big brands by which users can get maximum options to try and select an eye wear. The application also features coupons to be filled by users while placing the order for eyewear of their choice which offers discount on purchase from various stores. Moreover, with Eye Trends, users can share their Trial Looks on different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and get opinion of friends on their looks with different glasses.

Cygnet’s Mobile team has also integrated an online application called “Trendoids” with Eye Trends that gives updates on eyewear and keeps users abreast of latest style and trends in eyewear fashion.

Eye Trends is power packed with lots of useful and amusing features which not only helps users in getting suitable pairs of sunglass or frame but also helps opticians is serving people with right choice at right time and keep themselves ahead in eye wear fashion.

The client is glad to get the exact application as per his requirement and has expressed gratitude towards Cygnet Mobility Team and looks forward to build long term healthy relations with Cygnet.

Know more about Eye Trends

Friday, March 2, 2012

Team SEO’s Contribution in Elevating Client’s Business to Successful Heights

Cygnet’s SEO team is again proud to announce its successful contribution in elevating client’s business to huge heights with its first-rate SEO Page Ranking and Internet Marketing strategy.

The SEO team of Cygnet Infotech has made unbeatable efforts to deliver value to client’s business that deals in providing Ice Sculptures and Chocolate Fountains in Ontario and other parts of Canada.

With intelligent combination of ideas, techniques and strategy the team has successfully penetrated the right market which fructified client’s business venture. The client’s website has achieved ranking among top 5 lists in Google which was previously invisible on any Search Engine Listings after investing in Cygnet’s SEO Project. There has been twofold increase in traffic towards his website which transformed his part time low revenue generating business into full stream rising business.

The team also helped client by suggesting business ideas of adding 3 websites and domains which impacted his business visibility on the web and added to more inquiries and leads.

The client is very happy with his business growth due to Cygnet’s SEO project and has personally thanked the SEO team with the statement –

“I am very happy so far with everyone’s knowledge and direction in my ultimate goal to turn my Ice Sculpting business in to a FULL TIME BUSINESS”

Cygnet’s SEO team is obliged to receive such an appreciation which constantly encourages it to provide fruitful solutions to clients and improve their business and position in their respective realm.