Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cygnet on Campus - Finals

It was exciting......................

The enthusiasm among the finalists for our campus recruitment drive had me nostalgic.
We had the 40 shortlisted candidates taking their seats well before time for a session which took more than 5 hours to complete.

The patience of all - The students, The HR team, The Admin team and other involved was commendable.

The toughest job was to reach to a list of 20 candidates from the shortlisted 40( these 40 were shortlisted from over 500 candidates in various campuses who went through are selection criterias).

When the final lists were announced the list had 28 selections (8 more than planned) and their was little reason we could offer the 15 candidates who were not selected. All of them had done so well in their group discussions, aptitude tests, techinal tests, techincal & HR interviews that screening was really a difficult task. The management happily accepted the additional 8 candidates shortlisted by the HR team.

We expect these candidates to join us in July 2010 after they complete their final year exams and we eagerly await them in Cygnet Infotech. We are expanding our development labs to welcome them.

Cygnet Infotech gifted each of the finalist a token gift - a good luck charm.

We look forward to this group of fresh, young, enthusiastic and dynamic team to join us soon and to great heights in their careers with Cygnet Infotech.

Thank you everybody
(the students, the faculty, the placement officers, the college management and Cygnet Campus recruitment team)

"Inside Cygnet Infotech" will keep bringing out inside information about Cygnet's ambitious plans for the new joinees.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A revolutionary software for CNC machines

Bringing for you a very interesting software development story from Inside Cygnet Infotech development labs

Our client, a sheet metal machine manufacturer, wanted to offer a competitive cost effective sheet metal cutting machine to his customers, the challenge faced was that the cost of the CAD-CAM software kept the machine out of reach of smaller workshops. If he could offer the software free or for a small cost, it opened for him a very large market of small and medium buyers who could not afford the machine earlier.

Working to create a solution that would change the market dynamics and empower small and medium sized workshops with quality tools excited us enough to take up the challenge. We studied the CNC machines and its workings. We understood metal and various shapes in which it gets cut. We developed engineering shapes specific for this solutions which industry leader engineering software were unable to provide. The biggest challenge was to provide a automated nesting algorithm by which the shapes on a metal plate will be optimized. This optimization process can save tremendous amount of money as every centimeter of metal saved or used better is direct benefit to the user. The product had to be easy to use and need minimal infrastructure as foremen at workshops were expected to use the software.

The solution delivered was very well excepted by the client and his customers. It was easy to use, and could be run on a standard PC. Shape library added convenience and nesting saved a lot of money for the machine operators.

As an appreciation of the work done, the client invited and hosted the development team at his manufacturing facilities.
We are already working on some new path breaking software developments on similar lines with this client for his new models.

Want to read this case study "Click here"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cygnet on Campus

This is absolutely inside information, reporting right in the middle of the act.

Cygnet is visiting engineering campuses in and around Ahmedabad to recruit and add bright young talent to its team. The HR team has been to two colleges (LD & Vishwakarma) and plans to do two more this week, so this news comes exactly in the middle of the act.

Yes, we are adding new development labs also.

What happened at these colleges?
If you happen to be shortlisted you would have qualified the following rounds: Aptitude tests, technical test, group discussion, personal technical interview, personal HR interview. So we can expect some real good talent joining us soon. Get some cool guidance and warm welcome for these young guys & gals when they come over to accept your seniority.

Check out this space to get a campus recruitment update from me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's Cygnet got to do with Jewelry?

What has an IT company got to do with jewelry?

This question has been bogging me for long and has been at the top of my recall since we uploaded the last 2 case studies on the website

1. E-commerce with custom jewelry design
2. E-commerce for distributors

There appears to be an eternal connection, an advantage that Cygnet Infotech enjoys when working with jewelers. I do not know if i should relate it to our being based in Ahmedabad, a major center for gold trading and located very close to Surat, the world largest center for diamond polishing as it does not reflect this way when I review our client profiles.

I distinctly remember that the first ever customer Cygnet booked (year 2000)was a jeweler, and we created a website for him which was a source of envy for jewelers across the town.

The first e-commerce store we did was again for a jeweler. I remember the team slogging it out to include real time pricing of gold and working with jewelry images for the shopping cart that were light to carry on the web and did not lose the details of the jewelry.

The just released case study "e-commerce with a Custom jewelry designing tool" is again a novel concept where customers can design their own stone jewelry, explore new settings, unique designs, preview the final design, get costs and place orders. (check out the case study to find out more)

And the last release "e-commerce tool for distributors that involves retailers" empowers jewelry distributors and retailers to compete and protect their business from large format online stores that are eating away a significant part of their business (check out the case study to find out more)

These 2 unique applications, the first customer, the first e-commerce customer and other shopping carts and custom web applications we built for other jewelers clearly show some eternal connection Cygnet has with jewelers.

We have a significant share of jewelers as our customers and we bond really well with them. What could be the reasons - creativity, innovative solutions, better understanding of their products or just chance.

I look forward to your comments on the new case studies and on this interesting mystery I brought out for "Inside Cygnet Infotech"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check this out -

An Innovative tool for distributors
When small retail businesses are struggling to compete with large format online stores, Cygnet has designed an innovative solution for its client that offers retailers an advantage. Check out this case study to see how we shaped an innovative idea from the client into a very practical solution that empowers retailers to take the onslaught of large format online stores - for details check out this case study.