Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TestingWhiz Version 3.0 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of TestingWhiz Version 3.0 available from 29th April, 2013. TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool developed by our test automation division. The new version of TestingWhiz reflects enhancements and improvements in the existing features and functions signifying a major step forward in making TestingWhiz a more powerful, scalable and reliable test automation tool for web and cloud app automation.

TestingWhiz Version 3.0 is available in PRO and Enterprise edition. The PRO edition is for single users and is available at $99 per year. 

Features of TestingWhiz PRO
  • FAST® Automation Engine that helps automate test cases with 5 recording techniques across multiple browsers
  • Object Recorder to record and store web-objects along with an ability to use 90+ readily available test commands
  • Integration with Excel and leading bug tracking tools like Mantis and Fogbugz
  • Inbuilt Scheduler to schedule tests at pre-defined intervals
  • Multiple languages support to help customize the UI, scripts and reports in the language of tester’s choice
  • Visual Logs for capturing screenshots while executing test cases

The Enterprise edition will be available at $899 per year which is best suited for large and distributed teams. It contains all the features of PRO edition over and above the below features

Features of TestingWhiz Enterprise
  • Integration with HP Quality Center to help manage test cases, results and existing QC process for any tests in a single suite
  • Database Testing with connectors like Oracle, MSSQL, My SQL, etc. along with a facility to fetch database to placeholder and export the same to Excel or CSV
  • WhizGrid to facilitate executing test cases on a multiple nodes from a single centralized server
  • Visual Presentation for presenting test cases as flowcharts
  • Integration with Atlassian JIRA allows accessing test cases and reporting directly in JIRA interface

Besides the above features, Version 3 features a better UI and an improved test editor with drag and drop facility.

We will be presenting the demo of the new version at StarEast 2013. Catch us at Booth #28 at Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA on 1 & 2 May, 2013

To learn more about TestingWhiz 3.0, visit

Joomla 3.1 is Out Now

Joomla - one of the popular content management systems for website and blog released Joomla 3.1 on April 24, 2013.
Joomla 3.1

The notable feature of Joomla 3.1 is Tags – an inbuilt system to allow tagging content types. Tags are a kind of metadata that allows adding keywords to content. For e.g. you can tag a person in Contact library as Marketing Manager and apply the same rule for tagging other areas of the Joomla core such as documents, feeds, etc. By Tagging, users can organize the blogs, articles, lists with similar content types without the need to navigate to Tag Component.

According to Paul Orwig - president of Open Source Matters (a non-profit organization providing legal and financial support for the Joomla projects) - "Tags have previously been available through third party extensions, but for 3.1 we are adding them to the core. This will make it easier for third party extensions to integrate with them. Another underlying benefit is that the way the code has been written to support tags will lay the foundation for future enhancements for how Joomla content can be displayed with much more flexibility."

Besides Tags, Joomla 3.1 features an added note form field, a Media wiki package, an Open Street Map package and more. Joomla 3.1 is the next minor release after the release of Joomla 3 in September 2012. The major features of Joomla 3x series now cover

Mobility Compatibility – Joomla 3 series comes with better mobile compatibility with a responsive UI that displays websites more accurately on different mobile platforms. With mobile extension, the websites built on Joomla can be made available to a wider audience.

User-friendly Interface – Joomla 3x version is more simple and easy to use since it doesn’t require much technical knowledge to develop and maintain websites. The instructions are simple and easily understandable and has improved navigation and interface.

Incredible Development Tools – Joomla 3x series comes with incredible development tools like Bootstrap, LESS CSS, Icomon that help developers work with ease since it enables using lesser codes and provides optimized development icons.

Other facilities and features one can enjoy in Joomla 3 series are - 30 seconds quick install, one click upgrade with backward compatibility, multilingual support and Joomla User Interface (JUI) library for standardized backend & front-end interface.

With these features, Joomla stands as a refined CMS that can change the course of website management altogether. It is a robust CMS with plenty of ready-made templates for developing websites and web applications.

We deliver customized solutions on Joomla CMS. Find out more about our Joomla capabilities.

Mobile & Web Applications Will Now Get a Blend of Facebook

We all know that Facebook has changed the way people interact and share personal and professional information with each other. It has also revolutionized the way for marketer to reach customers. And now with its increasing usage and influence, it is all set to make a wave in application development due to the Facebook Technology Partners Program. The Facebook Technology Partners Program is all about making applications and website more social by integrating it with different technologies, languages and platforms. 

Facebook has joined a partnership with leading development platforms and frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha, Corona, Stack Mob, Trigger io, Outcurve and many more.  This is a significant move on the part of Facebook because a number of devices are now equipped with HTML5 and statistics show the devices used by people having HTML5 would cross over 1 million by the end of 2013. HTML 5 is said to ease users reach across different devices and give an improved user experience and render better sharing on Facebook via apps running on HTML5.

Besides, integrating Facebook with applications will help users see what their friends are doing along with just sharing and viewing comments. For e.g. An airline application would help user not only get details about the timing of his flight but will also help him share or get information about local restaurants in the destination city. Moreover, apps with Facebook login can directly help users publish stories from the app instead of signing into Facebook separately. Through Facebook integrated apps, one can also gauge better insights about consumers.

Looking at this, Facebook can certainly take the social sharing to greater heights without losing the important processes and operations running on your device be it laptop, mobile or tablet.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mobility Features in SharePoint 2013: Partners Can Fill in the Gaps

SharePoint 2013 has arrived in the market and has earned words of praise from most critics. The latest version of SharePoint is packed with several resourceful features, including - task management, new user interface, search, storage and new collaboration. However, the upgraded version still falls short of expectations in social and mobile features.
SharePoint 2013 has taken care of its targeted clients i.e. enterprises and big organizations as most of its features are designed to provide better flexibility to handle the organizational tasks more efficiently. With SP 2013, it will become easier for the clients to build intranets, forums, public sites, and blogs, manage, store and search documents. SharePoint is doing well for Microsoft by generating around $2 billion annual profit. Thus, Microsoft is consistently advertising the new version to attract maximum clients towards it.
However, the biggest threat to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is its weak approach in social and mobile relevant areas. One Forrester research analyst says - Microsoft should take this on serious note as other alternatives are providing the same features along with better social and mobile supporting features.

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The SharePoint Mobile Challenges
The technology market has witnessed one of the largest changes in technical areas as the arrival of smartphone and tablets has turned the audience towards it. Hence, it becomes essential for the tech services providers to offer supportive smartphone and tablet compatible features to remain ahead in the market.
However, Microsoft provides a SharePoint NewsFeed application for Windows and iOS based mobile phones to provide user access to the people and documents they follow. In addition, it also provides several Windows phone application for Skydive Pro. But, still these features are not enough for SP to remain ahead in run in this competitive market.
The tech experts believe that it is right time for Microsoft to introduce a wide range of mobile supporting features, especially for the mobile platform, like - Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS.
While this may be true, customers can still develop custom mobile applications around SharePoint and competent Microsoft Partners like Cygnet Infotech can assist in that. 

iPhone 5S - Coming Up Next!

Apple has enjoyed the success of iPhone 5 and surely, would be looking forward to introduce something new in the technology market to remain up in the tech news and competition. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is positively looking ahead to start the production of the successor or upgraded version of iPhone 5 i.e iPhone 5S.

Apple has started the trend of launching the upgraded version of its iPhone couple of years ago and since then, Apple is following it continuously. Thus, the news are high that soon, Apple will be coming up with iPhone 5S.
The tech lovers have witnessed the rumors that had spread before the release of iPhone 5 regarding its features and looks. But, this time there is no such crowd eagerly waiting for the next coming iPhone. It is not that the craze of Apple's iPhone has gone out of the mind of people; in fact, it is still there but, the only reason is the trend followed by the company.
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The Apple lovers and tech experts have noticed a common thing that Apple does not come up with any significant changes in the upgraded version of iPhones. iPhone 4S is proof to the last statement as it was just the modified version of iPhone 4. There are only few things that may be a part of upcoming iPhone, including better battery life and improved processor.
However, people will love to switch to iPhone 5S as the price will not be higher and will be available easily. Also, the people who missed to grab iPhone 5 can experience it in a better way by capturing upcoming iPhone 5S
The expected release date of iPhone 5S is mid-summer of the current year 2013 as it will be a perfect time to launch the upgraded version as close competitors of Apple i.e. Samsung and Google seem not to be introducing any new gadget in summer.
Moving ahead to iPhone 5S, you will find a real reason to party as then, Apple will be tightening its belt to launch next generation iPhone i.e. iPhone 6. This has been highlighted as the dream project of Apple and iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for it. The party does not end here as Samsung, Google and BB will also be coming up with their new versions. So later this year, there will be loads of surprises for the tech lovers and for the technology market. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

What’s New in Update 2 of Visual Studio 2012

April 4, 2013, Microsoft officially released Update 2 of Visual Studio 2012. It includes several new features and bug fixes in Update 1 which was released in November, 2012. Let's check out the new features and their contributions in software development market in terms of Better Application Life Cycle and Business Application Development.

Better Application LifecycleUpdate 2 has been released with better agile development and quality enablement capability.

1. Agile development has been made flexible and easy with the ability to tag, filter and share work items and customize Kanban boards

2. Quality Enablement to drive quality through Test Case Management with an ability to administer, execute and review test cases along with the following benefits
  • Better Windows Store app Unit Testing support for Windows Phone 8 apps and  asynchronous code
  • UI testing for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7, extended cross-browser support
  • Facility to view and edit test cases in a test plan from TFS Web Access in a way that needs no installation on the system being tested and works non-Windows platforms
  • Better support for web and load testing for SharePoint applications

Business Application DevelopmentThis includes a line of business development, Windows store development and developer experience features

1. Line of business development is focused around
  • Creating cross-browser, HTML-based mobile & web apps using LightSwitch that provides the right fit and finish to get your application running quickly
  • Publish business apps to a SharePoint2013 app catalog
  • Support for Sketchflow, WPF and Silverlight for better designing and coding of desktop applications
  • PhoneTools to enable unit testing as well as build and deploy workflows of Windows Phone
2. Developer Experience contains a host of improvements in the IDE that help provide better and productive developer experience such as
  • Improved code map debugger integration that gives a visual representation of codes to identify issues quickly
  • Improved HTML Visual Profiler to diagnose UI issues while developing Windows store apps
  • Integrated Windows App Certification Kit to test app for submitting in the Windows Store
Besides the above enhancements, Update 2 of Visual Studio also includes ASP.NET and Web Tools. Thus a separate download is not required. Over and above these enhancements, one can see huge improvements since the bugs in the previous iteration have been fixed.

It is said that Update 2 is a cumulative release that envelops all the features of Update 1 allowing one to directly install Update 2 without installing Update 1.

Cygnet Infotech is excited to explore the Update 2 features and looks forward to make a difference in the development environment with Update 2 of Visual Studio 2012.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cygnet Infotech is Packing Bags for StarEast 2013

StarEast 2013 is here and Cygnet is packing bags to exhibit at StarEast Expo to be organized on 1-2nd May 2013 at Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA

Come see us at Booth #28

StarEast - Software Testing Analysis & Review East is a weeklong conference organized by the SQE group held from 28th April to 3rd May, 2013. It provides opportunities for participants to learn and upgrade knowledge of software testing, gain exposure to latest techniques & testing tools available in the industry and build network with peers and experts. The event covers a two days expo where industry players get the opportunity to demonstrate their testing solutions and services among the audience.

Cygnet is all set to appear in the StarEast Expo with a host of Software QA and Testing services to assist organizations through its expertise in managed testing, performance testing, test automation and mobile testing. We will also launch Version 3.0 of TestingWhiz– our proprietary Codeless Test Automation Tool and a special edition of TestingWhiz-Pro starting at US$ 99 with several new features and enhancements. Catch Cygnet presenting TestingWhiz as well as its premier services at Booth No. 28.

To book an exclusive demo of TestingWhiz or schedule a meeting with us, write to us at or register here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Java 8 Coming Soon

For those who have missed to track the recent Java news, we are sharing the latest update about Java 8 - to be released in September 2013. This particular edition of Java is said to have groundbreaking functions which would turn out to be a significant move in the Java history.

Taking a flashback of previous versions – Java 1.1 had introduced ‘inner classes, java beans’ while 1.3 comprised ‘java sound, jar indexing’ and 1.4 featured ‘assertions, xml processing, logging api,. There were no subsequent releases. The language remained same, only the Java libraries grew by leaps and bounds until Java 5. With Java 5, the market saw a huge enhancements in features which constituted enumerations, annotations, generics, varargs, autoboxing etc. while Java 6 came in with a scripting language support, integrated web services,  java compiler api and more, on the other hand Java 7 which was released in July 2011 saw few language changes, diamond syntax, resource management, numeric literals, etc.

According to JSR 337, with Java 8, the market will see a great change just like Java 5. Not because of the new features but because Java 8 will be introducing Lambdas – an anonymous function literals which will change the ways of expressing concepts in Java. Besides, Java 8 will be laced with following features:
  • Compact Profiles – These will define subset profiles of Java Java SE Platform Specification so that applications that do not require the entire Platform can be deployed and run on small devices.
  • Annotations on Java Types – To extend the set of annotable locations in the syntax of the Java programming language
  • DocTree API- This will extend the compiler Tree API to provide structured access to the content of javadoc comments  
  • Enhanced Core Libraries – To improve the usability and convenience of the library using new Lambda language
  • Bulk Data Operations for Collections – To add functionality to the Java Collections Framework for bulk operations upon data. This is commonly referenced as “filter/map/reduce for Java”.
  • Base64 Encoding and Decoding - These will define a standard API for Base64 encoding and decoding
  • Secure Random Number Generation - To operate within specified quality and responsiveness constraints.

Over and above these features, Java 8 will be containing some features which were meant for Java 7 but were omitted from the release.

Let’s look forward and keep the enthusiasm live to see the new and better Java 8 and how it revolutionizes the Java programming.

Cygnet Renews Membership with AMA

Cygnet on 1st April, 2013 renewed AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) membership as a Patron member.

AMA is one of the pioneer names in India in the field of management contributing to the management profession and the society through its various educational, training and research activities and programs. Established under the leadership of late Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai and other professionals, AMA is an independent, non-profit, registered charitable Institution and a Society.

Renewing the membership with AMA once again gives us access to AMA training programs, seminars, development resources, publications and newsletters. This will help our employees in gaining latest skills, tools and knowledge to deliver client’s projects effectively. Moreover, with this membership, Cygnet looks forward to promote management excellence among employees and unlock the doors towards achieving greater heights.