Monday, May 31, 2010

Innovative software designed specifically for Sheet Cutting Industry/ Windows based CAD Cam CNC Software

This business solution has been designed for a CNC Machine manufacturer to address the need of his shoppers (sheet cutters, lathe manufacturers) who need minimize material wastage.

This windows based platform helped the shoppers to create their own designs and convert CAD DXF and graphics designs into GCode / CNC Toolpaths for machines parts and components.

The solution uses Shape Nesting algorithm that automatically arranges the vector shapes to get optimal material usage and minimum wastage. The algorithm works in a manner that it arranges the vector shapes / parts as close to each other as possible at the same time making sure a sufficient gap allow easy part cutting.

The solution combines two steps in single software. The solution provides design module that allows you to define your own shapes or use existing shapes from the shape library. The second module generated GCODE that links with machine process immediately using a simple mouse click.

The solution offers multiple features such as allowing operators to create orders using existing assemblies, allowing shape importing from other applications, Exporting cutting layouts to CNC machines.

The above mentioned features make the tool extremely powerful yet the solution’s ease of usage is awesome.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Innovative ECM that boosted Collaboration, Document Management as well as Enterprise Search

Our client world class engineering and construction contracting company had setups across multiple locations and faced a need for effective collaboration and information sharing.

The company zeroed in on Cygnet Infotech a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, to setup an enterprise wide document management system.

We chose Microsoft Office Share point for its collaboration and enterprise search facility to implement this enterprise wide DMS. We worked to best exploit the functionalities of Sharepoint for document publishing, content management capabilities and workflow to design and implement the DMS giving due respect to document management practices already prevalent in the organization. We extended the organization active Directory for roles and rights management across locations. We designed multiple workflows for document approvals leveraging the workflow functionality of Office SharePoint Server 2007

Ease of Use through effective use of enterprise search based on keyword searches( based on metadata properties, content etc) made documents search quick and accurate

The implementation allows the users to collaborate on documents securely among different locations, track changes easily, and include version information. They are also now better equipped to comply with regulations on document retention.

The solution offered benefits that were visible in short span such as increased collaboration among employees, efficient publishing and information sharing, and relevant search results.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On a new high……

I am on a new high each time I receive a client appreciation.

Can’t describe the feeling.

And if it happens twice in a single day there are no words that can describe it.

Today was a great day, when I received appreciation on my work from 2 clients.

These 2 are the quite type; interact little except business and quite difficult to please.

We have been working with them for quite some time and the current projects are near completion in both the cases.

In the 1st case the demo of the web portal was made to the board and they appreciated the way the project had shaped up.

In the 2nd case, an e-learning web application there was a typical design requirement and the client was quite worried about it. The designer got it right in the first attempt and really impressed the client.

They were happy about the way the projects had been managed, the designer’s good work, and good combination of domain and technology skills presented by the development team and esp. by getting it right within the time lines.

You know – How it feels to be appreciated by a client – great, just great, on cloud 9

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Document Management System helping you get the right Information at the right time

All of us struggle from time to time, just to extract the right information causing delay in servicing clients and meeting deadlines.

Add to this the risk of passing right information in wrong hands or the risk of losing valuable information

We at Cygnet understood the exact nature of the problem when this client of our approached us for a solution and built for him a document management system that has ease of accessibility yet needed security.

A web based solution was built to support multi-location offices and travelling staff and the system was integrated with the organizations active directory for privilege based access and document management workflows.

This allowed an easy transition from existing manual documentation to an e-document environment, privilege based access to data and ease in sharing information across locations.

The centralized repository allowed access to the latest set of documents across all offices and immediate reference to historical data.

The system resulted in cost and time saving in delivering documents, ease of document management, and having the right information at the right time.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shaping Ideas - you dream it, we will build it for you.

While discussing with my client how we could have an e-commerce solution that is unique, adds value and brings business to the website we came out with this brilliant idea where we can allow the visitor on the website to design his own jewelry. Expanding on this idea we discussed how we can use technology to give price quotes considering latest metal prices, limit designing with available stone inventory, link to a payment gateway and shipping and you have a unique business model that stands apart from those out of box ecommerce solutions.

Shaping the idea into a feasible design and ecommerce tool was now the challenge that we passed to our development team. This was new to us, the design tool and work flow methods that we and our jeweler customer designed was not like any we had done earlier nor did we find another similar solution being used. The excitement and the challenge it generated in the team was quite evident in the chats in the pantry. They discussed options, possibilities, technology, user convenience, practicality. E-commerce was the easy part but the design tool was challenging. We saw the plan, discussed feasibilities, suggested changes, felt that slip between the cup and the lip until we were ready to demonstrate the first cut to the client.

The client could not believe his eyes that he was seeing his dream project come true. It was so close to his thoughts that we were signaled to complete the application with very minor changes and deliver it at the earliest.

The complete application is a complete virtual office……. right from the design lab, order processing, billing, and shipping, thru to online payment processing. The system maintains a real-time inventory of diamonds and other gemstones and provides a price calculator which considers latest pricelists for stones and dynamic metal prices from the metal exchange.

Read complete case study here

We admire these stones and metals and work with jewelry manufacturers to reach out to their admirers who cannot reach them through the internet.
My team loves to work on such challenges which pushes their adrenalin levels up.