Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cygnet Infotech now showcases its Mobile Technology Portfolio

When you moved your Inbox to your mobile phone, your stock market and your social networking followed you on your mobile, could we be far behind. Actually we had joined you, quietly followed you, building and polishing skills for developing mobile applications and we are now ready to showcase our portfolio of work on Mobile Phones we have done. We take this opportunity to announce our readiness to deliver World class Mobile applications for I-phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & Android.
Our mobile application development team has worked in the background to create this portfolio, which are client projects from clients who have trusted us to build for them. They have developed native mobile applications, add-on for existing web based applications, mobile compatible versions for existing business solutions, entertaining games and much more that keeps end users interested at the same time improves our customers revenues. Our mobile technology specialists came up with many innovative applications though they still needed a wall where they could showcase their work. The Mobile application team earned a place on the website quickly as the number of successful deliveries kept on piling and client appreciation kept pouring in. Case studies of some of these projects are now available on the website.We now have a dedicated Mobile application department and a section of marketing is also focused on Mobile business. The team can boast of client referrals and many innovative solutions.

The new page sets a stage for the Mobile technology at Cygnet Infotech highlighting the typical client requirements & challenges that were delivered by Cygnet Infotech’s Mobile team with innovative approach.Check out the new page to know more about what we have achieved and what more we are capable of.