Monday, December 20, 2010

Using iPhones to deliver Healthcare e-learning

The moment our customer, healthcare educationist, saw students (healthcare professionals) spending significant time on their iPhone and reaching out for their laptops less and less, he decided to add iPhone to deliver e-learning in addition to its web based delivery platform. We analyzed the requirements and utilized our iPhone application development expertise to create this M-learning experience.

The design team worked to create a User Interface to ensure maximum synergy in its web based delivery model and iPhone experience. E learning content, notebooks and AVI were moved onto the iPhone interface and necessary changes were made for iPhone compatibility of content. Dry test runs were done to ensure error free user experience.

This M-learning application allowed professionals to upgrade their skills, access online notebook, attempt test & surveys, download documents, etc. on the iPhone, saving time and making the information available on the go.

The application allowed our client to stay ahead with technology while offering services to its clients. His clients paid back by subscribing to M learning in large numbers.

Read more about this revolutionary iPhone application, here.

If you wish to reach your clients on their iPhones, talk to our subject matter experts.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Developed an Android based educational games for children

If you want an interactive tool for training children, than mobile games must be there in your list. Easy access and quick learning has made it one of the fastest growing educational tools. Have you adopted it for education delivery?

We recently built an android based game on mobile phones for an educational institute which can develop intuition, decision making and motor skills in kindergarten children. The interface design used lot of flash, giving playful appeal and making kids involved. Our Android developers followed rigorous testing cycles to test the application and enhance to improve the usability of the application.

In today’s mobile learning revolution this fresh idea of teaching through a game could gather overwhelming response from the parents and kids. The application was available on online app store adding to revenues of our customer and encouraging him to plan more games for M-learning.

Allow us to develop games for your concepts, contact us.

To read more please click here.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Designed an Mobile add-on for an Inventory management application

When this client of ours discussed with us how he was bogged by the management of large inventories in remote ware house locations and its cost and the prohibitive cost of implementing an inventory management system, we recommended building an application for him on the mobile phones with a bar code scanner attachment at a small fraction of the total cost that he could use for inventory management.

The client couldn’t believe this is feasible until we charted it out and explained how the system will work and even update the inventory on his existing inventory system at a central location.
The system design enabled the team to read inventory bar codes with the scanners attached to mobile phones and keep the records in the application which updates the inventory on the central server.

The mobile application was developed as an add-on feature of the existing system saving substantial costs. It improved inventory handling and reduced cost and effort for managing the inventory manually.

The application was easy to operate, accessible round the clock and can be integrated with SAP applications. To know more please click here.

For further consultation you can contact us now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Cricket game churns money

This iPhone cricket game churns money for my client each time someone downloads it from the appstore. My iPhone application development team designed this exciting application filled with rich features and simple navigation. The most involving task was to develop the game more challenging and unpredictable to the player.

Game offered functions such as selection of country, team or players, quick match to play ODI, 20:20 or tournaments, statistical chart at game end, flexibility to pause or resume the game, etc. Our work exceeded our customer expectations.

The application has caught the fancy of the iPhone users for its innovative and fresh approach and is a popular download on appstore, generating decent revenues for the client.

If you are looking to get such an application which is loaded with fun and fills your pocket too, contact us now.

To read more about this application click here.

Cygnet Infotech organizes a Blood Donation Camp at its premises.

We organized a blood donation camp at the office in association with the Lioness Club and Prathma Blood Bank.

And what an overwhelming response we received from our team. 51 units were collected surprising even the organizers and the blood bank. We were quite excited to see how closely our team connects with the social cause and respond to such donation requests with this level of Zeal. Those who could not donate due to health reasons promised themselves to return for a blood donation next time with better health.

The blood donation was spearheaded from the front by our Managing Director who contributed his unit of blood.

We have now decided to make it an annual event at Cygnet Infotech.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shopping cart on iPhone

When my client realized that his customers are going to use their phone to recharge his card and not his desktop, he rushed to develop an application to help clients recharge their calling cards from their mobile. Our iPhone application development team worked in coordination with our customer to bring this concept to life.

This application serves as shopping cart accessible 24*7 to iPhone users. End users can purchase calling cards using online secure payment gateway and can view or recharge their balance anytime / anywhere. It facilitates the users to keep track on their account history, number of cards purchase, active cards, etc.

This iPhone application became very popular amongst end users as it was simple to use and complete database is stored on iPhone itself which allows user to keep monitoring and updating the information.

Have insights into the details of this application here.

If you are interested to get your ideas converted to life, contact us now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Are you reaching out to your customers on their iPhone?

While competitors were waiting for the customers to come on their websites, this financial services client of ours decided to reach out to his prospective customers by offering them a mobile financial calculator. Cygnet’s iPhone development team designed this financial calculator as an iPhone application that was available for a free download from the appstore.

The financial calculator helped users calculate EMI’s and down payments on loans for different interest rates, see the principal/interest repayment breakups and call up the finance company for more details.
  • This has increased inquiries for the company as many people using the calculator tend to call up the company for loans.
  • The customer service spent less time explaining EMI amounts and principal/interest repayment breakup
  • It gave him inexpensive advertising with his banner on the financial calculator.
If you are looking for reaching out to your customers on their mobile phones, contact us now.

Want to know more about this application click here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cygnet Infotech earns Web Development Competency from Microsoft.

Now you can ensure that your Web development partner is a competent web developer with demonstrable skills in delivering scalable, reliable and secure web solutions using reliable technologies when you choose Cygnet Infotech.

Cygnet Infotech’s Web Development Competency awarded by Microsoft certifies that we have demonstrated skills, experience, qualified manpower and verified customer referrals in delivering, developing and deploying custom web development solutions on Microsoft Technologies.

Our qualified resources and demonstrated technical skills for web development competency covers the following spectrum of Microsoft technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio development system, Microsoft Expression design software, Windows Server operating system, Windows Azure platform, and Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SQL Server data management software

The competency is earned by a Microsoft Partner on demonstrating a Microsoft Certified team of web application development professionals with expertise on following technologies: Ado.Net, MOSS 2007, ASP.Net. and Microsoft verified client referrals

Now you get Microsoft Assurance when you choose Cygnet Infotech as your web development partner for your Web based solutions

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cygnet Infotech now showcases its Mobile Technology Portfolio

When you moved your Inbox to your mobile phone, your stock market and your social networking followed you on your mobile, could we be far behind. Actually we had joined you, quietly followed you, building and polishing skills for developing mobile applications and we are now ready to showcase our portfolio of work on Mobile Phones we have done. We take this opportunity to announce our readiness to deliver World class Mobile applications for I-phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & Android.
Our mobile application development team has worked in the background to create this portfolio, which are client projects from clients who have trusted us to build for them. They have developed native mobile applications, add-on for existing web based applications, mobile compatible versions for existing business solutions, entertaining games and much more that keeps end users interested at the same time improves our customers revenues. Our mobile technology specialists came up with many innovative applications though they still needed a wall where they could showcase their work. The Mobile application team earned a place on the website quickly as the number of successful deliveries kept on piling and client appreciation kept pouring in. Case studies of some of these projects are now available on the website.We now have a dedicated Mobile application department and a section of marketing is also focused on Mobile business. The team can boast of client referrals and many innovative solutions.

The new page sets a stage for the Mobile technology at Cygnet Infotech highlighting the typical client requirements & challenges that were delivered by Cygnet Infotech’s Mobile team with innovative approach.Check out the new page to know more about what we have achieved and what more we are capable of.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Welcome New Joinees

Cygnet went from campus to campus to recruit and induct some fresh blood and groom them to future IT managers.

Post Independence Day celebrations, the campus recruits were inducted into the Organization. They will now have to go through the induction program designed specially to groom them into their new roles.

You can feel the vibrancy, the rawness and excitement of the youth, and the burning fire that always hungry for more information.

The transition from campus to career can be quite exciting. The curiosity of an individual who goes through this experience is something to observe.

As a part of their induction, a session has been arranged with each department to share their experiences with the new joinee’s. Technical sessions have been arranged to train them on processes and practices followed in the organization. While they move to their respective teams to get a real time experience after 15 days, the technical trainings are expected to continue for 4months and we expect to have them ready as subject matter expert in their fields.

We look forward to a great inning from them and with wish them all the best.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to our new office……

The day started early, we reached office to a flower decked entry instead of the usual hammering, cutting and grinding we had got used to over last couple of months.

As we entered we could hear the chanting of mantras of the Satyanarayan puja in progress. (Satyanarayan puja is an auspicious Indian ritual. The whole office gathered to attend the rituals and took active interest in the whole proceedings that continued for almost 3 hours.

This was followed by ritual of placing a Kalasha ( an earthen pot filled with water covered with mango leaves and a coconut placed over it, covered with a piece of cloth and a red and white thread. As per the tradition the ceremony was facilitated by 4 little girls. The kalasha symbolizes immortality, joy, love, respect and greatness.

This was followed by prasad & feasting

With the blessing of the Gods, purified by the rituals, brimming with a lot of positive energy, our new office is now ready to be occupied.

I could hear a lot of eager murmurs as to who gets to sit in the new offices.

More about the new offices and who managed to get there in the next story

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PHP @ Cygnet website has a new turf

After working extensively in the background the PHP technology has its very own turf on cygnet website. A new PHP section in the technology area has been added to the Cygnet website that highlights case study of some interesting projects done by the PHP team.

The PHP team has been working in the background for quite some time now. The very first project PHP team was asked to develop was Cygnet Infotech’s own website. The site was given a new structure, shape, look & feel and new content. The site received a lot of compliments from many clients and visitors. Though the PHP team came up with a beautiful website, they did not get a place on the main site for their work as they did not have a show case or a set of case studies to present. The PHP team earned a place on the website quickly completing many projects and earning much client appreciation. Case studies of some of these projects are now available on the website.

We now have a dedicated PHP department and a section of marketing is also focused on PHP business. The team already boosts of excellent client referrals. It also deserves mention that this is the first dedicated team we have created to work on an open source technology and we expect this team to contribute a significant share of overall Cygnet business in this financial year.

Introducing PHP technology in the organization has helped us add new clients and service requirements of our existing clients that we were earlier not able to address. PHP is a platform of choice for E-commerce, business websites, corporate websites, personal and family pages, church and school websites online reservations systems, Small business Web sites, Community-based portals etc to name a few.

This new section provides a center stage to the PHP technology at Cygnet Infotech highlighting the typical client requirements & challenges that were delivered by Cygnet Infotech’s PHP team with innovative solutions.
Check out the new page to know more about what we have achieved and what more we are capable of.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Something fresh is brewing!!!

Oh you bet something fresh is brewing at Cygnet HO. Behind closed shutters the aroma of fresh paints, fresh d├ęcor is trying to give away the secrets of a new office space.

Though Cygnet had announced the opening of its new premises on the ten year celebrations in June this year, but the grapevine has been abreast with how the new office will look like.

There are speculations, speculations and more speculations but no concrete answers.

I am wondering myself how will it be; taking a look at all the colorful laminations lying outside the site I guess we are in for something funkier and livelier.

I am just dying to know what will be the layout, the color schemes. I cannot contain the curiosity but all is going behind the shutters so guess will have to wait till final unveiling of the masterpiece.

Till then it’s just the whiffs of fresh paints and varnishes and a dash of lively orange yellow laminates winking.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Delivered effective Help Desk software yet again

Business had grown with it came customer support issues. Lack of system led to delayed customer support that was highly individual dependent and expensive.
The customer was on a lookout fro a system that could reduce individual dependence at the same time maintain customer contact and history information. The customer wanted a one stop support system that could reduce costs.
The peculiar business intricacies and client business model required us to design a tailor made solution for him with anywhere anytime access allowing the sales and support team access anytime.
We proposed and designed a web based solution on MOSS 2007 to take the benefits of its sound architecture, enterprise search, document management functionality and workflow implementation.
Some of the benefits that the solution were:
  • A single point ticket booking and customer response for status of ticket.
  • Dashboard and escalation mechanism implementation
  • Department wise segregation of tickets at help desk level and quick resolution.
  • Document Management System & Knowledge Base ensured help desk was well equipped to answer queries.
  • Help desk spent more quality time with customers and call duration were much shorter
  • Quick turnaround to customer queries led to happy customers
  • Efficient reporting tool provided status reports to management aiding them to plan better and further improve customer services.
The client also saw huge productivity and cost improvements. Click here to know more about this solution.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trouble Ticket Tracker ensuring customer smiles

The client wanted to implement more efficient system to improve his customer service standards

The business had grown and existing support system was unable to take the loads and required additional manpower, provided less accountability and longer time to support the customer. Inefficient customer service was eating into the profits and had a risk of loosing customers too.

The solution desired was to have a single point of contact with the customers, quick resolution of queries, a central repository of knowledge base conveniently available to all involved, and workflow for escalating the issues that need additional support or are delayed beyond agreed service levels.

We developed a solution for the client using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The system was developed in a manner that anybody on the help desk could easily refer history records of the client, book trouble tickets, suggest solutions. The help desk staff could select a workflow for the ticket so that it is automatically forwarded to the respective department for further actions.

The tickets are updated on respective department dashboards and follow the workflow with defined service levels.

Reporting tools provided the management with system updates. As a result of the system implemented the help desk spent much more quality time with the customers, there was a faster turnaround of customer complaints. The number of calls managed per help desk increased significantly and with growing knowledge repository the skill set required to manage the help desk reduced significantly.
The system improved customer service and reduced the cost of managing customer complaints adding to the bottom line.

Click here to know more about this solution

Friday, June 11, 2010

Launched e-Learning platform for a developer of interactive learning solutions for the medical device industry

When professional spine community was considering improving access to new information to its members, conventional means were quite ineffective. The community decided to employ more innovative methods to reach out to its members when they could spare little time from their busy schedules for these initiatives. We were shortlisted for this initiative to develop an innovative e-learning tool that was high tech, yet functioned as close as possible to traditional learning methods. The scope was extended to help spine surgeons earn their CME points through approved evaluation methods.

We used our tech and domain expertise to develop this exhaustive e-learning solution for these healthcare professionals. The solution is designed in Microsoft .net and enhances learning experience, supports existing teaching methods and provides a learning medium that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The community extended enhanced learning through this medium by attaching CME credits and CME-certified courses. We created a Knowledge Check Management system that provides evaluation sections with the Topics and Products/Surgical techniques as necessary. A tracking and reporting tool helped keeping tabs on the knowledge checks attempted by the learners. The reward points system allowed access to next levels.

The solution implemented template based LCMS that allowed SME (noted surgeons) to create updated reference material and create dynamic content complete with version control.

The solution offered multiple features that enhanced the learner experience such as web-based Notebook. This online notebook allowed the readers to access their personal notes and materials anywhere any time. This online notebook allowed the surgeons to upload the surgery notes; images and videos directly into their private online Notebook. In addition the system also provided Calendar of Events, Industry News feed and a Forum.

We are currently working on a enabling the solutions on mobile phones and I-pads.

Click here to learn more about this solution.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deployed a Sophisticated Document Management System for world class engineering and construction contracting company

When this large company was looking for an effective enterprise wide document management system to ease regulation compliance and improve collaboration among its employees across locations, we designed and implemented a DMS based on Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007.

The most important benefits that they were looking for were more effective collaboration among employees, improved compliance to rules and regulations and improved and controlled access to documents.

Cygnet Infotech chose to implement a solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 equipping the company’s employees with the necessary tools and resources that allowed effective collaboration and compliance with company rules and regulations easily.

The company had presence across multiple locations, the employees constantly produced documents and contracts that were subject to approval processes and input from colleagues spread across locations. The client worked with our IT team to deploy the new document management solution.

By deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 we helped the client to provide advanced document sharing capabilities and a more effective and easily searchable interface to its employees saving time and boosting productivity. The information was stored in a single centralized repository, using the search function to find related material.

The employees could collaborate on documents securely, track changes easily, and include version information. The employees could easily work together on the same documents and share them with other employees without any location hindrance. The solution offered Active Directory based authentication. The solution was accepted readily by the employees due to familiar Microsoft Office 2007 interface.

Workflow Implementation and email notifications allowed automatic routing of documents to relevant stakeholders. Automatic escalation and email notifications ensured task completion and less chaos.

The platform reduced the consulting costs and development time on key projects from months to weeks.

Click here to know more about the solution.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making cnc machines, Bogged down by expensive software that goes with your machine

It is time to think if your inexpensive cnc machine does not sell your desired nos. due to expensive software requirements. It is time to invest in customized software that you can package with your machine cost and ensure you sell larger nos.

We recently designed a customized software for a sheet metal cutting machine manufacturer that’s is simple to use, does nesting to optimize sheet usage, generates G-code instructions for the machine. The machine manufacturer decided it package it with the machine cost avoiding expensive software cost for his customers. He is already booked for deliveries for the rest of the year.

If you are looking at a customized solution to work for your CNC machine, do contact us

Monday, May 31, 2010

Innovative software designed specifically for Sheet Cutting Industry/ Windows based CAD Cam CNC Software

This business solution has been designed for a CNC Machine manufacturer to address the need of his shoppers (sheet cutters, lathe manufacturers) who need minimize material wastage.

This windows based platform helped the shoppers to create their own designs and convert CAD DXF and graphics designs into GCode / CNC Toolpaths for machines parts and components.

The solution uses Shape Nesting algorithm that automatically arranges the vector shapes to get optimal material usage and minimum wastage. The algorithm works in a manner that it arranges the vector shapes / parts as close to each other as possible at the same time making sure a sufficient gap allow easy part cutting.

The solution combines two steps in single software. The solution provides design module that allows you to define your own shapes or use existing shapes from the shape library. The second module generated GCODE that links with machine process immediately using a simple mouse click.

The solution offers multiple features such as allowing operators to create orders using existing assemblies, allowing shape importing from other applications, Exporting cutting layouts to CNC machines.

The above mentioned features make the tool extremely powerful yet the solution’s ease of usage is awesome.

Click here to know more about the solution.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Innovative ECM that boosted Collaboration, Document Management as well as Enterprise Search

Our client world class engineering and construction contracting company had setups across multiple locations and faced a need for effective collaboration and information sharing.

The company zeroed in on Cygnet Infotech a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, to setup an enterprise wide document management system.

We chose Microsoft Office Share point for its collaboration and enterprise search facility to implement this enterprise wide DMS. We worked to best exploit the functionalities of Sharepoint for document publishing, content management capabilities and workflow to design and implement the DMS giving due respect to document management practices already prevalent in the organization. We extended the organization active Directory for roles and rights management across locations. We designed multiple workflows for document approvals leveraging the workflow functionality of Office SharePoint Server 2007

Ease of Use through effective use of enterprise search based on keyword searches( based on metadata properties, content etc) made documents search quick and accurate

The implementation allows the users to collaborate on documents securely among different locations, track changes easily, and include version information. They are also now better equipped to comply with regulations on document retention.

The solution offered benefits that were visible in short span such as increased collaboration among employees, efficient publishing and information sharing, and relevant search results.

Click here for more details

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On a new high……

I am on a new high each time I receive a client appreciation.

Can’t describe the feeling.

And if it happens twice in a single day there are no words that can describe it.

Today was a great day, when I received appreciation on my work from 2 clients.

These 2 are the quite type; interact little except business and quite difficult to please.

We have been working with them for quite some time and the current projects are near completion in both the cases.

In the 1st case the demo of the web portal was made to the board and they appreciated the way the project had shaped up.

In the 2nd case, an e-learning web application there was a typical design requirement and the client was quite worried about it. The designer got it right in the first attempt and really impressed the client.

They were happy about the way the projects had been managed, the designer’s good work, and good combination of domain and technology skills presented by the development team and esp. by getting it right within the time lines.

You know – How it feels to be appreciated by a client – great, just great, on cloud 9

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Document Management System helping you get the right Information at the right time

All of us struggle from time to time, just to extract the right information causing delay in servicing clients and meeting deadlines.

Add to this the risk of passing right information in wrong hands or the risk of losing valuable information

We at Cygnet understood the exact nature of the problem when this client of our approached us for a solution and built for him a document management system that has ease of accessibility yet needed security.

A web based solution was built to support multi-location offices and travelling staff and the system was integrated with the organizations active directory for privilege based access and document management workflows.

This allowed an easy transition from existing manual documentation to an e-document environment, privilege based access to data and ease in sharing information across locations.

The centralized repository allowed access to the latest set of documents across all offices and immediate reference to historical data.

The system resulted in cost and time saving in delivering documents, ease of document management, and having the right information at the right time.

Click here to learn more about this solution.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shaping Ideas - you dream it, we will build it for you.

While discussing with my client how we could have an e-commerce solution that is unique, adds value and brings business to the website we came out with this brilliant idea where we can allow the visitor on the website to design his own jewelry. Expanding on this idea we discussed how we can use technology to give price quotes considering latest metal prices, limit designing with available stone inventory, link to a payment gateway and shipping and you have a unique business model that stands apart from those out of box ecommerce solutions.

Shaping the idea into a feasible design and ecommerce tool was now the challenge that we passed to our development team. This was new to us, the design tool and work flow methods that we and our jeweler customer designed was not like any we had done earlier nor did we find another similar solution being used. The excitement and the challenge it generated in the team was quite evident in the chats in the pantry. They discussed options, possibilities, technology, user convenience, practicality. E-commerce was the easy part but the design tool was challenging. We saw the plan, discussed feasibilities, suggested changes, felt that slip between the cup and the lip until we were ready to demonstrate the first cut to the client.

The client could not believe his eyes that he was seeing his dream project come true. It was so close to his thoughts that we were signaled to complete the application with very minor changes and deliver it at the earliest.

The complete application is a complete virtual office……. right from the design lab, order processing, billing, and shipping, thru to online payment processing. The system maintains a real-time inventory of diamonds and other gemstones and provides a price calculator which considers latest pricelists for stones and dynamic metal prices from the metal exchange.

Read complete case study here

We admire these stones and metals and work with jewelry manufacturers to reach out to their admirers who cannot reach them through the internet.
My team loves to work on such challenges which pushes their adrenalin levels up.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cygnet on Campus - Finals

It was exciting......................

The enthusiasm among the finalists for our campus recruitment drive had me nostalgic.
We had the 40 shortlisted candidates taking their seats well before time for a session which took more than 5 hours to complete.

The patience of all - The students, The HR team, The Admin team and other involved was commendable.

The toughest job was to reach to a list of 20 candidates from the shortlisted 40( these 40 were shortlisted from over 500 candidates in various campuses who went through are selection criterias).

When the final lists were announced the list had 28 selections (8 more than planned) and their was little reason we could offer the 15 candidates who were not selected. All of them had done so well in their group discussions, aptitude tests, techinal tests, techincal & HR interviews that screening was really a difficult task. The management happily accepted the additional 8 candidates shortlisted by the HR team.

We expect these candidates to join us in July 2010 after they complete their final year exams and we eagerly await them in Cygnet Infotech. We are expanding our development labs to welcome them.

Cygnet Infotech gifted each of the finalist a token gift - a good luck charm.

We look forward to this group of fresh, young, enthusiastic and dynamic team to join us soon and to great heights in their careers with Cygnet Infotech.

Thank you everybody
(the students, the faculty, the placement officers, the college management and Cygnet Campus recruitment team)

"Inside Cygnet Infotech" will keep bringing out inside information about Cygnet's ambitious plans for the new joinees.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A revolutionary software for CNC machines

Bringing for you a very interesting software development story from Inside Cygnet Infotech development labs

Our client, a sheet metal machine manufacturer, wanted to offer a competitive cost effective sheet metal cutting machine to his customers, the challenge faced was that the cost of the CAD-CAM software kept the machine out of reach of smaller workshops. If he could offer the software free or for a small cost, it opened for him a very large market of small and medium buyers who could not afford the machine earlier.

Working to create a solution that would change the market dynamics and empower small and medium sized workshops with quality tools excited us enough to take up the challenge. We studied the CNC machines and its workings. We understood metal and various shapes in which it gets cut. We developed engineering shapes specific for this solutions which industry leader engineering software were unable to provide. The biggest challenge was to provide a automated nesting algorithm by which the shapes on a metal plate will be optimized. This optimization process can save tremendous amount of money as every centimeter of metal saved or used better is direct benefit to the user. The product had to be easy to use and need minimal infrastructure as foremen at workshops were expected to use the software.

The solution delivered was very well excepted by the client and his customers. It was easy to use, and could be run on a standard PC. Shape library added convenience and nesting saved a lot of money for the machine operators.

As an appreciation of the work done, the client invited and hosted the development team at his manufacturing facilities.
We are already working on some new path breaking software developments on similar lines with this client for his new models.

Want to read this case study "Click here"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cygnet on Campus

This is absolutely inside information, reporting right in the middle of the act.

Cygnet is visiting engineering campuses in and around Ahmedabad to recruit and add bright young talent to its team. The HR team has been to two colleges (LD & Vishwakarma) and plans to do two more this week, so this news comes exactly in the middle of the act.

Yes, we are adding new development labs also.

What happened at these colleges?
If you happen to be shortlisted you would have qualified the following rounds: Aptitude tests, technical test, group discussion, personal technical interview, personal HR interview. So we can expect some real good talent joining us soon. Get some cool guidance and warm welcome for these young guys & gals when they come over to accept your seniority.

Check out this space to get a campus recruitment update from me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's Cygnet got to do with Jewelry?

What has an IT company got to do with jewelry?

This question has been bogging me for long and has been at the top of my recall since we uploaded the last 2 case studies on the website

1. E-commerce with custom jewelry design
2. E-commerce for distributors

There appears to be an eternal connection, an advantage that Cygnet Infotech enjoys when working with jewelers. I do not know if i should relate it to our being based in Ahmedabad, a major center for gold trading and located very close to Surat, the world largest center for diamond polishing as it does not reflect this way when I review our client profiles.

I distinctly remember that the first ever customer Cygnet booked (year 2000)was a jeweler, and we created a website for him which was a source of envy for jewelers across the town.

The first e-commerce store we did was again for a jeweler. I remember the team slogging it out to include real time pricing of gold and working with jewelry images for the shopping cart that were light to carry on the web and did not lose the details of the jewelry.

The just released case study "e-commerce with a Custom jewelry designing tool" is again a novel concept where customers can design their own stone jewelry, explore new settings, unique designs, preview the final design, get costs and place orders. (check out the case study to find out more)

And the last release "e-commerce tool for distributors that involves retailers" empowers jewelry distributors and retailers to compete and protect their business from large format online stores that are eating away a significant part of their business (check out the case study to find out more)

These 2 unique applications, the first customer, the first e-commerce customer and other shopping carts and custom web applications we built for other jewelers clearly show some eternal connection Cygnet has with jewelers.

We have a significant share of jewelers as our customers and we bond really well with them. What could be the reasons - creativity, innovative solutions, better understanding of their products or just chance.

I look forward to your comments on the new case studies and on this interesting mystery I brought out for "Inside Cygnet Infotech"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check this out -

An Innovative tool for distributors
When small retail businesses are struggling to compete with large format online stores, Cygnet has designed an innovative solution for its client that offers retailers an advantage. Check out this case study to see how we shaped an innovative idea from the client into a very practical solution that empowers retailers to take the onslaught of large format online stores - for details check out this case study.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Republic Day 2010

India completes 60 years as a Republic.
In 60 years we have moved from Republic day parades in prade grounds to Republic day sales in shopping malls. The sales have brought in the spirit of festivity and celebrations into otherwise a dull holiday.

All were not enjoying the sale. The website team was trying to test the deliveries and do last minute fixes. Last few days have gone into fixing server issues delaying the release which i was expecting they will do on the Republic day. Actually I walked into office expecting the release today, found them working hard to get things going but was clearly told - no relase today.

Lets wait for the launch.

I caught a head line on one page which read - "Business Process Management - stream lining workflows, optimizing business processes" and found it quite impressive. Could not catch the contents and now I will do google search to find out more about this and than compare notes with the site once it comes up.

and I am going home now as my wife wants to catch up with a republic day sale. I tell you, I am not entering those crowded malls and stand in billing queues for the discounts. I will rather save some money by not shopping at all. (this is my thought, but on this account my wife decides)

will be back with more soon, Bye.................

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yessssssss, I will be there on the new site

Yes, I convinced them to include me on the new website.
I am now there on the website as "Inside Cygnet Infotech" and you all will be able to access me from the website.
It was very difficult to convince them that "Inside Cygnet Infotech" is a great concept and it will add value to the website. I had to promise them that I will be good and write value adding things only.
I will look forward to you giving me new ideas to write, now that we will be on the website, we will have to regularly write here and your inputs will be valuable.

thank you all for following me on my blog. I am sure we will be a big gang soon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

last minute rushes

linking this to that
copying from here to there
proof reading
reviewing punch lines - I caught this on one of the pages
(Building .net applications for web, devices & services)
checking ...............................rechecking, editing, rechecking

Must me real close to delivery
I can't wait to have a complete look at it, but can't get hold of it

will be back with inside information soon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Web Look

A new web look is on the cards, I have seen some good work happening on it.

Is it ready ?

Well I don't know; from what I hear they are almost there and may be releasing it soon.

What's new?
It appears that they want to be secretive about it and a lot of hush-hush around it

from the glimpses I had, I can share, it is still the same blue, but looks better. I will steal a few glances and share them with you to keep you updated.

Did I not name my Blog "Inside Cygnet Infotech"
I will bring you inside information here.