Friday, June 29, 2012

Cygnet Develops a Solution on Dynamics CRM for NGO Team Members

At the demand of a US based NGO, Cygnet developed a solution for its team members which comprise schools and learning institutions. The basic requirement of these NGO team members was to develop test models to help their administrators and policy makers identify learning disabilities among students and improve their reading skills. They wanted these test models to test the academic outcomes of first and second grade students so that they could quickly intervene after identifying disabilities and devise appropriate instructions to overcome these disabilities. Cygnet comprehended the requirements and stepped in the direction to fulfill the demanded solution.

To develop the test models solution, Cygnet utilized its proficiency on MS Dynamics CRM. The CRM team at Cygnet, worked incessantly for 8 months in line with the work-flows of the institutions to develop the test models and implemented them On-Cloud which produced outstanding results for assessing student’s potentials as well as disabilities in reading. The test models developed, helped the NGO team members in mapping and evaluating test results with related database of students maintained in the CRM system. Moreover, these test models also helped in comparing results of each student based on reading achievement, grade promotion, eligibility for special education services, etc.

The test models developed on Dynamics CRM matched the exact needs of NGO team members to recognize reading disabilities in students and work out appropriate training to beat these disabilities at the earliest. Cygnet bagged many appreciations from the NGO and its team members for developing the solution after which it received many more projects on Dynamics CRM from the same client.

Cygnet has served many clients for their varied requirements with its Dynamics CRM services, the list of which is still expanding.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cygnet Develops a Portal on SharePoint to Manage Jobs and Workflows for a US Based Client's Business

With profound experience on SharePoint, Cygnet yet again fulfills its client’s demand. This time, Cygnet has come out with a solution for a US based company to manage and organize jobs, workflows and related documents for smooth HR functioning.

Since the client company has many departments and layers and consists of huge workforce, there required a system to organize and manage complete workflows and jobs of each unit and department and thereby ease the HR related task. Moreover, the client also required the system to be centralized to allow employees to access the system independently and process workflow documents, HR schedules and check project status and resources status as per the privileges.

Cygnet took up the task and developed the system combining technologies like SharePoint Server 2007(MOSS), SharePoint 2010, Source Safe, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2008/2010, SharePoint Designer 2007/2010. Cygnet developed a Super Administrator Portal and designed independent Portals under the Admin Portal which all works as per the rights assigned to individual employee. The portal developed works as a central unit to process every change in job, manage unlimited job related documents and HR files which all help in easier management and quick decision making. Besides, this SharePoint Portal helps client in many ways by performing following functions:
  • Stores, organizes and locates documents easily. Moreover, the portal manages metadata of documents to track the required documents quickly
  • Set-ups permission and access rights of the portal as per individual role and position
  • Helps IT staff to update time-sheet, calendar, vacation/absent schedule, etc
  • Also updates work status and stores reports of equipments, breakdown time, etc which help in quick processing and decision making
  • Maintains all versions of documents and reports in a central repository
  • Protects documents and information from unauthorized access using exhaustive privilege based access
  • Alerts department approver and company approver for every new job or changes in existing job
  • Accommodates any number of employee data for easy and better management of job profiles and work-flows

Along with the above functions, the portal bestows client with better data search, improved user interface and better performance with SharePoint 2010 Designer Workflows.

With the system exactly fulfilling the demand for better management of workflows, jobs and employees related task, the client has appreciated the work of Cygnet’s SharePoint development team by saying:

“This is exactly what we needed! Thanks so much for coming through for us on such short notice!”

Cygnet with its exceptional SharePoint expertise has been delivering varied solutions to clients spread round the globe. 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cygnet Completes 12 Glorious Years of Success

Today - June 6, 2012, Cygnet has very successfully and gloriously completed 12 years of its services in IT industry. In these 12 years, Cygnet has worked hard to serve clients across 5 continents and emerged as a successful software solutions provider.

12 years ago it started with a small team which has now grown to 300+ employees. It has achieved huge expertise in various technologies like .Net, Java, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, PHP, Mobile Applications, etc and has developed various customized solutions for clients in various industries.
Since its founding on June 6, 2000, Cygnet has continuously worked to develop itself as one of the leading IT solutions provider. It has achieved various accreditations and certifications for providing quality solutions to clients and maintaining industry standards. In the span of 12 years, it has won various clients’ appreciation and satisfaction with its innovative work methodology and solutions.

On this day, the Managing Director of Cygnet expressed joy by saying:

On completing 12 years of Cygnet is a moment of pride and satisfaction for me.   It is a result of team work, care and understanding which has ensured our ongoing success. I would contribute this success to all CYGNETIANS as well all our clients whose ongoing faith in us has ensured SUCESSFUL journey over last 12 years.”

He also gave a commitment to continue deliver such quality solutions to client’s in the coming years.

The whole team of Cygnet is very happy on Cygnet's 12 Anniversary. All Cygnetians looks forward to see themselves celebrating more such successful years of providing quality and innovative IT solutions to people round the globe.