Friday, June 11, 2010

Launched e-Learning platform for a developer of interactive learning solutions for the medical device industry

When professional spine community was considering improving access to new information to its members, conventional means were quite ineffective. The community decided to employ more innovative methods to reach out to its members when they could spare little time from their busy schedules for these initiatives. We were shortlisted for this initiative to develop an innovative e-learning tool that was high tech, yet functioned as close as possible to traditional learning methods. The scope was extended to help spine surgeons earn their CME points through approved evaluation methods.

We used our tech and domain expertise to develop this exhaustive e-learning solution for these healthcare professionals. The solution is designed in Microsoft .net and enhances learning experience, supports existing teaching methods and provides a learning medium that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The community extended enhanced learning through this medium by attaching CME credits and CME-certified courses. We created a Knowledge Check Management system that provides evaluation sections with the Topics and Products/Surgical techniques as necessary. A tracking and reporting tool helped keeping tabs on the knowledge checks attempted by the learners. The reward points system allowed access to next levels.

The solution implemented template based LCMS that allowed SME (noted surgeons) to create updated reference material and create dynamic content complete with version control.

The solution offered multiple features that enhanced the learner experience such as web-based Notebook. This online notebook allowed the readers to access their personal notes and materials anywhere any time. This online notebook allowed the surgeons to upload the surgery notes; images and videos directly into their private online Notebook. In addition the system also provided Calendar of Events, Industry News feed and a Forum.

We are currently working on a enabling the solutions on mobile phones and I-pads.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deployed a Sophisticated Document Management System for world class engineering and construction contracting company

When this large company was looking for an effective enterprise wide document management system to ease regulation compliance and improve collaboration among its employees across locations, we designed and implemented a DMS based on Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007.

The most important benefits that they were looking for were more effective collaboration among employees, improved compliance to rules and regulations and improved and controlled access to documents.

Cygnet Infotech chose to implement a solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 equipping the company’s employees with the necessary tools and resources that allowed effective collaboration and compliance with company rules and regulations easily.

The company had presence across multiple locations, the employees constantly produced documents and contracts that were subject to approval processes and input from colleagues spread across locations. The client worked with our IT team to deploy the new document management solution.

By deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 we helped the client to provide advanced document sharing capabilities and a more effective and easily searchable interface to its employees saving time and boosting productivity. The information was stored in a single centralized repository, using the search function to find related material.

The employees could collaborate on documents securely, track changes easily, and include version information. The employees could easily work together on the same documents and share them with other employees without any location hindrance. The solution offered Active Directory based authentication. The solution was accepted readily by the employees due to familiar Microsoft Office 2007 interface.

Workflow Implementation and email notifications allowed automatic routing of documents to relevant stakeholders. Automatic escalation and email notifications ensured task completion and less chaos.

The platform reduced the consulting costs and development time on key projects from months to weeks.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making cnc machines, Bogged down by expensive software that goes with your machine

It is time to think if your inexpensive cnc machine does not sell your desired nos. due to expensive software requirements. It is time to invest in customized software that you can package with your machine cost and ensure you sell larger nos.

We recently designed a customized software for a sheet metal cutting machine manufacturer that’s is simple to use, does nesting to optimize sheet usage, generates G-code instructions for the machine. The machine manufacturer decided it package it with the machine cost avoiding expensive software cost for his customers. He is already booked for deliveries for the rest of the year.

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