Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dynamics CRM - Dec 2012 Update

With its Customer Relationship Management software, Microsoft makes enterprise management simple. This software attempts to connect and streamline the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service department in your organization. Started to suit the basic Customer care requirements, Microsoft Dynamics CRM software brings more convenience and edge with each new update it has to present. And so is the case with the December 2012 Update.

Some of the noteworthy additions in the CRM Software in the December 2012 update are:

Predefined Configuration of Sales & Service Process

Based on your industry, old customer base, sales history and priorities of actions, you can now predefine steps of lead generation and customer service. Each stage can consist of as many steps as you find appropriate to efficiently close a sales cycle, thus increasing productivity.

Compatibility with MS Office 2013

The upgraded CRM also facilitates the latest upgraded MS Office 2013, to get the best of documentation, calculations and analysis in MS Office as well as synchronization of emails in Outlook.

Add-on Browsers and Mobiles

Along with the latest Google Chrome and Mozilla in Windows PC, this CRM Software is compatible with Safari and Mozilla in Macintosh and with Safari on Apple iPad tablets. Such flexibility is of great convenience to sales persons, especially while traveling.

Skype Embedded

The December update has come with an inbuilt Skype support. Now you can easily connect and collaborate with your customers. The user can directly make outbound Skype to Skype as well as Skype to phones from the CRM software only.


This latest update enables you to collaborate all your date pertaining to a customer, services availed, sales person attending the client and all the pertaining stakeholders information at one point, hence, not only avoiding duplication of data, but also making lead generation and followup throughout the complete sales cycle a very easy and efficient task. Moreover, Skype and Yammer add-ons allows one to maintain a social contact and presence conveniently feasible. Exchanging data, making presentations and group conferences are a cake walk with such streamlining.

User Interface

The all new interface systematically guides you step by step through the complete orientation and acquaintance with the new CRM Software to perfection.

The updated version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 is strategically upgraded keeping the enormity of data in mind and with a clear focus on developing a software with a business acumen. Above mentioned were some of the major reasons for upgrading to CRM 2012. Though, there are numerous small and big changes which you might come across while exploring the upgraded software.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

xRM - The Future of CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as we know it are the sets of tools and processes that enable organizations to reach out to prospects, communicate with them, make them customers and retain them as long term relationships.  

Dynamics CRM from Microsoft is one such enterprise solution that provides CRM functionality. However Dynamics CRM goes much beyond simple CRM. 

With the ability to define new industry specific entities and the ability to determine various custom relationships between entities, Dynamics CRM allows extending CRM functionality to 3rd Parties like suppliers, vendors, assets, franchises, employees, re-sellers and many others. 

We found a nice video to share on xRM and its possibilities.