Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How .Net is Helping Businesses Attain Maximum ROI

Globalization and increase of IT education have transformed every business sector. Businesses are taking the online route and applications are making the business process faster, smoother and more adaptable. In order to achieve the goals of your business, you need an IT platform that will give you the power and technology to simplify business and increase revenue generation. You need a technology that will reduce website/application development time and let you create quality, reliable and scalable applications. Microsoft .Net software development platform is ideal for that task.
Microsoft .Net to Increase Business ROI
Microsoft has created this platform to aid web and application developers. .NET was written from the very core to overcome some of the biggest challenges of application development such as long development time, helplessness to modify the features of an app, software development cost and deployment hassles.

Before I discuss the business benefits of .NET, let’s find out what type of corporate solutions can be custom developed with the help of this robust framework.
  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • Accounting apps
  • Inventory management apps
  • Warehouse apps
  • All types of websites – personal, corporate and e-commerce
  • Value chain and supply management solutions
  • XML web services
  • Apps for hand held devices such as PDA
When a company decides to build custom software for its business, they focus on two factors. How long the project will take to complete and how long the software will take to get their investment back? For example, the answer of the first question can be 6 months and if the total money spent on development is $10000 and the software increases your revenue by $2000 per month, then it will take 5 months to get the return on investment (ROI). After 11 months, you can expect to make $2000 profit every month for a prolonged period.

So, the big question is how .NET can help with ROI? There are a number of factors that make .NET framework one of the best return on investment providers.

Reusability of codes- Microsoft has given many re-usable codes and components in the framework to help developers do their job effortlessly. With the help of default features, developers can create end-to-end solutions and make the business operations more efficient. As codes and components are reusable, .NET reduces development time and if applications take less time to develop, they cost cheaper and you get faster return on investment.

Worried about scalability? Don’t worry- Many startup companies of the past are now billion dollar enterprises. Take a look at companies like Apple or Tata and you will realize that it’s hard to guess what the future holds for you. When a business grows, it puts pressure on the existing IT infrastructure and the apps running on it. .NET was created with scalability in mind. As your company grows, the apps can also scale and take the additional load.

Easy to maintain- Development cost is one time, but maintenance cost is incurring. .NET apps are easily maintainable, thanks to the configuration settings that can be modified without any need to rewrite the code.

Deployment is hassle free- Deploying software is always challenging and the most common problem developers face in this process is the existence of multiple DLLs. It’s hard to make sure that all DLLs will co-exist in the same machine. .NET framework solves this problem by allowing different versions of the same DLL to exist side-by-side on the same machine.

Security- .NET is one of the most secure web and application development frameworks available in the market. As it’s made by Microsoft, you can be absolutely sure about the security measurements. Hackers can never steal valuable data from your website or apps.

Cross platform friendly- What if you had developed an app for desktop and laptop computers and now after seeing the growth of mobile apps in the market, you want it in mobile version as well? You can easily develop an app that runs on the desktop and PDA without any issue. As you can re-use the codes and utilize the same development environment, your job becomes a lot simpler.

What else one wants from a technology stack? Given all these benefits of .Net technolgy, one can build apps and softwares that can really contribute in lifting business ROI by enhancing, automating and regularizing key process areas.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Magnolia 5 – The Best Makeover of Magnolia CMS Till Date

Magnolia International Ltd, on 20th June, 2013 released Magnolia 5 – the bigger and better version of Magnolia CMS till date. This latest iteration of Magnolia CMS has been released to support today’s mobile age and hence features out of the box mobile ready features which makes it the first mobile enabled CMS on the market.

Pascal Mangold, CEO & Cofounder of Magnolia International Ltd said “We designed Magnolia to be as simple and as flexible as a Smartphone. The result is a CMS that looks beautiful, feels natural and is fast and intuitive to use.”

With Magnolia 5, a number of groundbreaking features have been also released that promises to revolutionize the content management like never before.  Let’s dive into Magnolia 5 and check out whether it will stand out from the rest.

Touch Inspired Interface
Magnolia 5 has introduced an intuitive touch inspired interface that lets you manage your tasks in Magnolia with swipe actions on both PCs and touch screen devices like Smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops. This enables users to navigate between applications easily  and complete the task quickly.

Application Launcher
Magnolia 5 features App Launcher, a feature that allows users to navigate between applications using a spring boat just like you do on a smartphone. Another advantage of this feature is that it allows developers to create their own customized applications that looks and feels just like inbuilt Magnolia apps with the same ease of use.

Magnolia 5 Apps Launch Screen

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Intuitive Collapse Action Bar
Magnolia 5 leaves behind the bulky and cumbersome toolbars and drop downs and replaces them with intuitive Collapse Action Bars that appear on single side of the screens of devices like iPads. These Action  Bars collapses and highlights the icons as touch-targeted squares depending on the task you are currently working providing a better usability and interactivity.
Magnolia 5 iPad View Collapse Action Bar
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Pulse feature has been introduced to continuously keep you updated with notifications and feeds. It is the most active feature that helps you keep a constant track on content and enables real-time monitoring by providing updates related to comments, content status, requests, along with statistics and analytics.
Magnolia 5 Desktop View - Pulse Notifications
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This is another smart feature in Magnolia 5 CMS which lets users create shortcuts and favorites of the most used applications and tasks like creating a page, adding tags, etc. This feature allows accessing the applications and favorite tasks quickly saving you more time and gives a personalized user experience.

Digital Assests Management
Magnolia 5 also provides Digital Assets Management feature that lets you manage your digital assets like videos, images, documents and use them to enhance your online channels.

Magnolia 5 offers flexibility, scalability and usability inside a single box empowering users to respond to the challenges faced in developing the most fluid and smart CMS. With these features and enhancements, Magnolia 5 bags the title of the best version of Magnolia CMS till date beating all the other CMS of today’s time.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sitecore with eCommerce – a Key to Successful Online Store

Sitecore is a web content management system and a marketing automation software that helps companies create their online presence with dynamic, fully-featured websites. It is a powerful CMS with an ability to manage and deploy multiple websites. Several companies around the world including national governments and Fortune 500 companies utilize Sitecore to manage their websites.

Over the years, Sitecore has undergone several updations to support various needs of the organizations. One such extension that Sitecore features is an integration with eCommerce platform to support the rising eCommerce transactions taking place across the world. The support for eCommerce over and above content management capabilities in Sitecore helps organizations deliver compelling web experience, attract new visitors, optimize conversion rates and sales through a single platform, i.e. website.
Sitecore with eCommerce
Sitecore with eCommerce
Sitecore’s eCommerce functionality integrated with marketing automation features provides the required tools to track and optimize the customer actions for particular eCommerce website goals such as account creation and order completion. The unique combination of Sitecore with eCommerce also helps in providing web experience with a more personalized touch based on the visitor’s profile and order history. Sitecore’s blend with eCommerce even helps website developers to customize checkouts, create traffic-generating email campaigns, create sophisticated forms, secure payment processing and shipping and maintain purchase history over and above eCommerce website content management.

Besides, Sitecore CMS with an enhanced support for eCommerce provides retail-marketing oriented websites with following benefits which unlocks the doors towards delivering an exceptional shopping experience to the customers.

Customer Management: This is the major benefit of Sitecore’s integration with eCommerce. From checkout to shipping to managing orders, Sitecore helps in managing complete customer lifecycle with
  • Product information management & order management
  • Payment processing and shipping management
  • Integrating with ERP, customer databases and other back office applications
  • Customizing the checkout process
Personalized Shopping Experience: Sitecore with its intuitive wizard driven profile and personalization tools helps deliver a personalized shopping experience. Moreover by combining Geo-tracking, account management and visitor’s activity, Sitecore helps in
  • Optimizing cross-selling and up-selling business
  • Customizing shopping carts
  • Increasing order values
Mobile Ready: Sitecore provides enough flexibility to design a mobile version of your eCommerce website to ensure a personalized mobile experience.
  • Generate more revenue with m-commerce by serving content on different devices
  • Enables shopping anywhere, anytime
  • Sends alerts to website administrator to publish or edit website pages on the go
Optimize Sales: Sitecore gives inbuilt analytics such as visitor counts, average time on the website, best-selling items, etc. to optimize sales along with key metrics like
  • Conversions with referring urls
  • Successful search terms
  • Popular downloaded content
With all these eCommerce capabilities of Sitecore, businesses gets a key to successful online store along with an ability to deliver incomparable shopping experience that sets them apart from competitors.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

How Outsourcing PHP Developers Will Save Time and Value?

Internet technology is leading the people to a vast growth which has not been experienced by any other form of marketing techniques. The effect of using online resources to establish a business serves the owners and users with more benefits. Thus websites that have been designed to transform the shopping experience online from a user friendly perspective. This has created the need for business websites to get republished with latest internet technologies. An attractive and informative web design that is made with PHP or HTML platforms is suitable for profit making through online presence.

PHP is one of the popular scripting languages which most of the web site developers adopt. With PHP it is quiet effective to augment the layout and navigation part of the websites. If you are in search of a dynamic web page layout PHP will stay a suitable option. For creating custom web designs most of the programmers prefer to use PHP programming language. Since, PHP programming language contains user-friendly formats, techniques and applications it is therefore easy for the programmers to adopt the applications in an easy way. 

For efficient website deigning PHP, ASP.NET and Java are considered suitable and significant programming languages. And as far as PHP is concerned, there are certain specific advantages such as

  • Usability- with PHP the programmer can experience excellent usability and bring out efficient website designs
  • Fast data processing- Working with PHP can fetch the programmer to process data in a fast mode.
  • Well-matched – PHP programming language can get along with popular operating systems like Windows, UNIX ,etc
  • Compatible- one of the interesting advantages of using PHP programming language is it adaptability to get into HTML version
  • Pricing- it is very easy to get affordable PHP development services
PHP growth
The demand for PHP programmers is always on the increasing mode. Since its adaptability and convenience allows the programmers to design custom website designs for their client’s website needs expertise programmers always have a good reception all over the world. Hence, many companies prefer to outsource PHP developers from abroad. Indian is one of the leading countries in the field of software and programming languages. The educational system is India has been focussing on the importance of computer education; the scope for development in enhancing knowledge in computer software and programming languages is equally growing. As a result, it is easy to outsource PHP developers from India. In addition, one can find PHP services in a cost effective pricing from India. Outsourcing PHP developers will bring unique results and it will also reduce the cost of forming a development service with expert professionals. Above all outsourcing PHP development based services will also save a lot of time for the web development services to focus towards other marketing aspects of their services. One can get a team of expertise PHP developers from India and make their website development process complete quickly. 

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