Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Delivered effective Help Desk software yet again

Business had grown with it came customer support issues. Lack of system led to delayed customer support that was highly individual dependent and expensive.
The customer was on a lookout fro a system that could reduce individual dependence at the same time maintain customer contact and history information. The customer wanted a one stop support system that could reduce costs.
The peculiar business intricacies and client business model required us to design a tailor made solution for him with anywhere anytime access allowing the sales and support team access anytime.
We proposed and designed a web based solution on MOSS 2007 to take the benefits of its sound architecture, enterprise search, document management functionality and workflow implementation.
Some of the benefits that the solution were:
  • A single point ticket booking and customer response for status of ticket.
  • Dashboard and escalation mechanism implementation
  • Department wise segregation of tickets at help desk level and quick resolution.
  • Document Management System & Knowledge Base ensured help desk was well equipped to answer queries.
  • Help desk spent more quality time with customers and call duration were much shorter
  • Quick turnaround to customer queries led to happy customers
  • Efficient reporting tool provided status reports to management aiding them to plan better and further improve customer services.
The client also saw huge productivity and cost improvements. Click here to know more about this solution.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trouble Ticket Tracker ensuring customer smiles

The client wanted to implement more efficient system to improve his customer service standards

The business had grown and existing support system was unable to take the loads and required additional manpower, provided less accountability and longer time to support the customer. Inefficient customer service was eating into the profits and had a risk of loosing customers too.

The solution desired was to have a single point of contact with the customers, quick resolution of queries, a central repository of knowledge base conveniently available to all involved, and workflow for escalating the issues that need additional support or are delayed beyond agreed service levels.

We developed a solution for the client using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The system was developed in a manner that anybody on the help desk could easily refer history records of the client, book trouble tickets, suggest solutions. The help desk staff could select a workflow for the ticket so that it is automatically forwarded to the respective department for further actions.

The tickets are updated on respective department dashboards and follow the workflow with defined service levels.

Reporting tools provided the management with system updates. As a result of the system implemented the help desk spent much more quality time with the customers, there was a faster turnaround of customer complaints. The number of calls managed per help desk increased significantly and with growing knowledge repository the skill set required to manage the help desk reduced significantly.
The system improved customer service and reduced the cost of managing customer complaints adding to the bottom line.

Click here to know more about this solution