Friday, March 30, 2012

Cygnet’s Competency in Developing E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution

Companies today face challenges like attracting and converting visitors to buyers, shifting customer loyalties, operational inefficiencies, lengthy customer acquisition cycles, huge costs etc. To eliminate this constraint, Ecommerce Shopping Cart System has been on the cards these days which provide flexible and convenient shopping experience to people who browse products on web while sitting at home or workplace.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Technology enhances shopping experience and exerts better consumer relationship narrowing down geographical disparities. It offers easy and quick online shopping, secured transactions, greater product information and active participation in web store community. Besides this, it rejuvenates complete online buying cycle and expands new avenues for business.

Cygnet Infotech is one of the competent players in developing Ecommerce Solutions. With its core technical expertise it has developed innovative Ecommerce Solution which empowers business to maximize sales, deliver superior buying experience to customers and reduce cost of customer engagement. Cygnet’s Ecommerce Solution furnishes customized shopping carts, multiple payment options and secured payment gateways, product/web store for wide spectrum of industries which provide rich buying experience and desired information to users with minimum clicks.

One such industry for which Cygnet has gained impetus of delivering out-of-the-box Ecommerce Solution is Optometry or Eye Care Retail Industry. Cygnet’s Ecommerce Solution has sensationally altered the functioning and sales life cycle of its Opticians and Retail Eye Care Clients. It has integrated several technologies such as Microsoft .Net Nuke, ASP .Net 3.5 & 4.0, C Sharp along with JQuery and SQL 2005 and 2008 to build comprehensive E-commerce Shopping Cart Solution for more than 2 dozen+ Optical Retailers in USA who have noticeably experienced increased sales, quicker transactions and improved operational efficiency. Cygnet’s Ecommerce Solution has enabled these Optical Retailers to

  • Serve Multiple Sales Channel
  • Implement prompt Sales Strategy
  • Deliver Personalized Online Shopping Experience to Buyers
  • Provide Robust Merchandising Support 
Cygnet’s versatile technology advancement and fool-proof technical innovations has made it deliver ground-breaking Ecommerce Solutions to clients which have helped them automate complete sales process. It has not only provided flexibility and extensibility in sales process but has also enabled them to capitalize on opportunities to rapidly evolving customer behavior and demands. 

If you are deliberating on decision of giving an Ecommerce shift to your business, get in touch with Cygnet’s expert E-commerce team who will help you in getting the right Ecommerce Solution for your business.


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