Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Near Field Communication – The Next Rebellion in Mobile Field

Bluetooth, QR codes, RFID are the innovations of the modern world. These innovations keep on expanding and with it come new technologies that alter the way we communicate and transact with each other. Near Field Communication is one such rebellion in mobile technology which is on the verge of changing the communication and shopping experience.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless connectivity technology that allows short-range radio communication between devices. It transmits data between transmitter and receiver using electromagnetic radio fields. One just needs to activate the connectivity or simply wave the device in the vicinity of the receiver to capture data and process transactions.

NFC helps in carrying out mobile payment transactions, location tagging, information exchange, by bridging wireless connections between two devices in very close proximity to one another (within a distance of 4cm or less). The most innovative feature of NFC is its super-small range (4cm) which imparts quick connectivity by tracing signals from devices and processes transactions, captures information and QR codes(in case of mobile shopping). Besides these, NFC offers exciting benefits which comprise
  • User-friendliness
  • Enhanced shopping/transaction experience
  • Uses less power and time unlike Bluetooth
  • Does not require pairing of devices
  • Better security
All these benefits assist users in following areas:
  • Checking out at Grocery/Departmental stores
  • Riding subways to work
  • Location tagging while travelling
  • Sharing information and data
NFC is still a new concept in the United States however, it is more common in several parts of Western Europe, Japan and Australia. According to Juniper research report, by 2014, one in five Smartphones will feature NFC application owing to its short-range and quick connectivity. Experts believe that the technology will take full swing by 2015. Since these reports loudly declare the proliferation of NFC technology, more and more mobile companies have started embracing NFC technology in their mobile devices. Google has already introduced NFC application in its Nexus S Smartphone while Nokia has also considered this newbie technology to incorporate in their mobile devices. Rumor is also that iPhone5 will also feature this smart technology.

Since NFC replaces physical money and credit cards for carrying out transactions and re-enforces better user-experience and security, many smartphone users around the world are to benefit a lot by this technology.

NFC will soon turn their mobile phones into loyalty-cards, coupon carriers, devices to check-in hotel rooms, access computers, payment devices, security keys for cars, etc.

Now whether you want to swipe your smartphone at grocery store checkout or share latest games with your friend or wave it over while entering a museum or hotel room, Near Field Communication technology will let you play, pay and learn easily.

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