Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 Unique Social Features of Bing That Google Should Envy

Many of us use Bing as a search engine in place of Google to search results. Both these search engines take different routes to improve and expedite search experience. However, Bing is said to have won the race in terms of increasing the social impact in searches by unveiling its Social Features Integration on June 2012. These features provide searches influenced by social profiles and connections of users which help uncover references that users might not find otherwise making Bing the most preferred search engine of today’s time.

We at SEO-first studied some of these most prominent Social features of Bing and came up with these 5 unique social features that Google should surely envy. These features are striking and can help users in improving their overall search experience.

Following are the 5 unique social features of Bing:

This is one of the best features from Bing. The social page of Bing shows Facebook and Twitter updates together on a single page for any searched keyword. Since Bing is the only search engine that has access to the contents of Facebook and Twitter, it utilizes this benefit by showing the combined Facebook and Twitter updates for particular searched term. 
This update is shown in the form of ‘live news feed’ which allows users to choose updates from either Facebook or Twitter. We find this feature extremely useful as it allows users to discover what the real people have to say for any searched topic or keyword.
2. Integration of Yahoo Answers
If you are a Yahoo Answer fan, then you will surely love this feature. Bing has by far the best Yahoo Answers integration. It shows you the question and answer pane right on the search page. This integration is simply great as it allows users to visit a page only if they find the Q&As shown interesting and useful.
The Last month Bing announced integration of Quora (Q&A website), but we are yet to see it go live.
3. Integration of the LinkedIn profile
The Integration of the LinkedIn profile by Bing is simply awesome. It displays key information right on the search page when users perform search for a particular person or company. This makes it easy to find, identify and learn more about the person’s profession at a glance while searching other information related to that person or company.
4. Easy to find pages ‘liked’ by our Facebook friends
Users are more likely to check/visit a page or result which is liked by their Facebook Friends. With an idea to utilize this strategy to influence user’s search, Bing has integrated Facebook Like button with search results that shows a thumbs up icon in-front of the webpage/result liked by user’s Facebook friends. This feature certainly helps users to find the right resource and also help companies/service providers to get their right audience.
This feature appears only when you are logged in with your Facebook account on Bing.
5. Easy to find Trending pages on Twitter & Facebook
A trending sign as shown in the image below appears in front of the webpage if it is trending on Twitter or Facebook. This symbol definitely tells the user that the content on this webpage is great and worth reading. Bing has also integrated this feature in search results to help users get acquainted with the best and most happening things around the world.

Note: All these features are currently available to U.S Bing users only, but if you are from a different location, you can enable these features by changing your location to USA and then log in with your Facebook account.

With all the above features, Bing apparently offers a wide variety of social networking results which intensifies your search results and also notifies your friends about your search activity.  After this study we find Bing is way ahead of Google. It definitely steals the show and leaves behind conventional search features of Google making the overall search experience simply awesome and useful.

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