Friday, October 5, 2012

Cygnet Develops an Enterprise Project Management Toolkit

To overcome challenges of prioritizing projects and managing resources, Cygnet Infotech has developed an Enterprise Project Management Toolkit on Microsoft Project Server 2010 with implementation and customization facilities.

Cygnet’s EPM Toolkit is focused to help project intensive businesses manage their project Lifecycle. It helps them in making better project management decisions by providing real-time visibility of all the relevant information. The solution helps determine the resources and skills required to accomplish a project which eventually helps in directing resources according to project complexity and importance.  In short, it helps project managers oversee, monitor and control various aspects of project to ensure better utilization of resources and funds.
Cygnet’s EPM Toolkit comprises Demand Management and Portfolio Management functions. Demand Management function lets project managers assess project requirements, availability of resources and funds which help standardize ways to manage supply of these requirements using best practices. On the other hand, Portfolio management functions help in meeting ROI goals along with tracking project progress.

Besides the above offerings, Cygnet’s Enterprise Project Management solution comes with Prebuilt Dashboards, Workflows and BI Reports which boost Enterprise project management activities by providing benefits which help project managers to
  • Identify redundant work/projects and remove them
  • Recognize and resolve issues and risks at the earliest stage
  • Communicate project performance
  • Measure performance using earned value
  • Analyze, evaluate and compare alternative approaches
  • Prioritize and select the portfolio with maximum return on investment
  • Ensure projects and resources are aligned with corporate strategy
  • Coordinate all resources and requirements of the projects
  • Model alternatives and their consequences
  • Centralize knowledge base sharing with real time data
By providing all the above benefits, Cygnet’s Enterprise Project Management Solution built on Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint gives business the right edge and control capabilities they need to successfully deliver projects on time, with intended quality, budget and design.

Organizations looking for a solution to manage their projects and gain the competitive can employ Cygnet’s EPM Toolkit.

Cygnet is exhibiting its EPM Toolkit in the coming GITEX2012 Exhibition. To view its demo at the event, email us at or register here.

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