Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cygnet Infotech Enters into Partnership with Neotys

Cygnet Infotech enters into Partnership with Neotys as a Service Partner on 25th April, 2013. Neotys has been helping companies to enhance the reliability, performance and quality of their web and mobile applications with its best-in-class load testing tool called Neoload. 

Neoload is a flexible and easy to use software testing tool to measure performance and robustness of applications. Neoload unlike other web testing tool require no scripting and is user-friendly thanks to its intuitive GUI. It supports all Web 2.0 technologies including J2EE, .NET, PHP, AJAX, SOAP, FLASH, FLEX, GWT and Oracle Forms with unlimited scalability from the cloud.

Partnership with Neotys will allow us to use the capabilities of Neoload Testing Tool for meeting client requirements with top quality services  such as designing load testing requirements, developing load testing plans, implementing load testing on Neoload and optimizing performance on load testing results, while ensuring optimized testing costs.

With Neotys partnership, we aim to enhance the performance of the applications by pre-assessing their scalability before production and deployment which will render considerable cost advantage.

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