Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sitecore with eCommerce – a Key to Successful Online Store

Sitecore is a web content management system and a marketing automation software that helps companies create their online presence with dynamic, fully-featured websites. It is a powerful CMS with an ability to manage and deploy multiple websites. Several companies around the world including national governments and Fortune 500 companies utilize Sitecore to manage their websites.

Over the years, Sitecore has undergone several updations to support various needs of the organizations. One such extension that Sitecore features is an integration with eCommerce platform to support the rising eCommerce transactions taking place across the world. The support for eCommerce over and above content management capabilities in Sitecore helps organizations deliver compelling web experience, attract new visitors, optimize conversion rates and sales through a single platform, i.e. website.
Sitecore with eCommerce
Sitecore with eCommerce
Sitecore’s eCommerce functionality integrated with marketing automation features provides the required tools to track and optimize the customer actions for particular eCommerce website goals such as account creation and order completion. The unique combination of Sitecore with eCommerce also helps in providing web experience with a more personalized touch based on the visitor’s profile and order history. Sitecore’s blend with eCommerce even helps website developers to customize checkouts, create traffic-generating email campaigns, create sophisticated forms, secure payment processing and shipping and maintain purchase history over and above eCommerce website content management.

Besides, Sitecore CMS with an enhanced support for eCommerce provides retail-marketing oriented websites with following benefits which unlocks the doors towards delivering an exceptional shopping experience to the customers.

Customer Management: This is the major benefit of Sitecore’s integration with eCommerce. From checkout to shipping to managing orders, Sitecore helps in managing complete customer lifecycle with
  • Product information management & order management
  • Payment processing and shipping management
  • Integrating with ERP, customer databases and other back office applications
  • Customizing the checkout process
Personalized Shopping Experience: Sitecore with its intuitive wizard driven profile and personalization tools helps deliver a personalized shopping experience. Moreover by combining Geo-tracking, account management and visitor’s activity, Sitecore helps in
  • Optimizing cross-selling and up-selling business
  • Customizing shopping carts
  • Increasing order values
Mobile Ready: Sitecore provides enough flexibility to design a mobile version of your eCommerce website to ensure a personalized mobile experience.
  • Generate more revenue with m-commerce by serving content on different devices
  • Enables shopping anywhere, anytime
  • Sends alerts to website administrator to publish or edit website pages on the go
Optimize Sales: Sitecore gives inbuilt analytics such as visitor counts, average time on the website, best-selling items, etc. to optimize sales along with key metrics like
  • Conversions with referring urls
  • Successful search terms
  • Popular downloaded content
With all these eCommerce capabilities of Sitecore, businesses gets a key to successful online store along with an ability to deliver incomparable shopping experience that sets them apart from competitors.

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