Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Celebration Week at Cygnet

While the Santa Claus was about to arrive with Jingle Bells and lots of surprise gifts, we at Cygnet thought to pep up everyone in the Christmas mood. To instil the excitement and festive feel among employees, we announced a Christmas Week at Cygnet with fun-filled activities and of course lot of surprises.

The celebrations started on 25th December that is exactly on Christmas Eve. We decorated all the offices with illuminating Christmas trees, lights, balloons, and much more. All the offices were blooming in Red color as the employees too followed the Red & White dress-code for the day. 

The evening saw a huge excitement when the Santa visited every office to give gifts and chocolates to every employee. The whole atmosphere was dipped into Christmas mood and the employees enjoyed gorging on cakes and clicking photos with Santa.

Here’s a quick look at the funniest moments of the Christmas day at Cygnet.

Christmas Celebration at Cygnet

Day 2 was declared as a Green day when all the employees came in green dress-code. The day was going like another working day until a Sudoku Competition was announced. The competition saw a huge participation from all the employees.

Here are the glimpses of Green Day and Sudoku Competition
Green Day Celebration at Cygnet

On the 3rd day we celebrated Blue day with Pizza party while on the 4th day, we organized a Quiz competition when all the Cygnetians teamed up in Yellow color.

Yellow Day Celebration at Cygnet

On the 5th day of celebration i.e. on 31st December, we bid goodbye to 2013 wearing black color. We all enjoyed making the most of the last day of 2013 by playing games and doing fun activities. One the whole, we celebrated a great year-end at Cygnet.

The celebration continued till 1st Jan, 2014, when we welcomed the new year wearing multi-colored clothes so that the year brings colorful and challenging projects and opens up more avenues to achieve success and great heights. 

We all greeted and wished a great new year to each other as well as clients and ended the celebration with a resolution to achieve more client satisfaction, expand the capabilities and create footprints in more countries and industries.

Check out the chilling moments below
Black Day Celebration at Cygnet

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