Monday, June 9, 2014

Cygnet Launches New Brand Identity with a New Corporate Logo and Website

Cygnet, on its 14th anniversary launched its New Brand Identity with a newly designed Corporate Logo and Website.

The New Logo has been launched to set up a solid foundation of our presence and uplift Cygnet brand across the globe in the coming years. With the new Cygnet logo, we have united all our products and companies under a single umbrella of Cygnet Group which will help us represent Cygnet as a stronger brand identity and will position us distinctly in correlation to The Name – Cygnet and its meaning - Baby Swan.

Swan represents harmony, fluidity and balance due to its distinctive characteristics of living amongst the three elements of nature ­– earth, air and water. Similarly, the Swan in Cygnet’s logo signifies our philosophy of Liquid Dynamism and reflects our ability to be agile, flexible and responsive to our client needs.

As mentioned above, alongwith the new logo, we have also launched new face of Cygnet Infotech website with a new concept and theme to position our services more in alignment with our real expertise and deliver information more quickly and in organized manner.

With these positive changes, we look forward to serve clients more better and continue our journey of achieving greater prosperity, client satisfaction and global expansion in the 15th year.

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