Monday, December 20, 2010

Using iPhones to deliver Healthcare e-learning

The moment our customer, healthcare educationist, saw students (healthcare professionals) spending significant time on their iPhone and reaching out for their laptops less and less, he decided to add iPhone to deliver e-learning in addition to its web based delivery platform. We analyzed the requirements and utilized our iPhone application development expertise to create this M-learning experience.

The design team worked to create a User Interface to ensure maximum synergy in its web based delivery model and iPhone experience. E learning content, notebooks and AVI were moved onto the iPhone interface and necessary changes were made for iPhone compatibility of content. Dry test runs were done to ensure error free user experience.

This M-learning application allowed professionals to upgrade their skills, access online notebook, attempt test & surveys, download documents, etc. on the iPhone, saving time and making the information available on the go.

The application allowed our client to stay ahead with technology while offering services to its clients. His clients paid back by subscribing to M learning in large numbers.

Read more about this revolutionary iPhone application, here.

If you wish to reach your clients on their iPhones, talk to our subject matter experts.


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