Friday, December 3, 2010

Designed an Mobile add-on for an Inventory management application

When this client of ours discussed with us how he was bogged by the management of large inventories in remote ware house locations and its cost and the prohibitive cost of implementing an inventory management system, we recommended building an application for him on the mobile phones with a bar code scanner attachment at a small fraction of the total cost that he could use for inventory management.

The client couldn’t believe this is feasible until we charted it out and explained how the system will work and even update the inventory on his existing inventory system at a central location.
The system design enabled the team to read inventory bar codes with the scanners attached to mobile phones and keep the records in the application which updates the inventory on the central server.

The mobile application was developed as an add-on feature of the existing system saving substantial costs. It improved inventory handling and reduced cost and effort for managing the inventory manually.

The application was easy to operate, accessible round the clock and can be integrated with SAP applications. To know more please click here.

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