Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Windows Azure updated SDK has been made available

The development experience on Windows Azure has just been made better with the below three updates that have been made available this November:
  1. A new version of Windows Azure SDK with multiple updates to the Windows Azure tools for Visual Studio 2010. With this enhancement, the development, deployment and management on Windows Azure has become easier and simpler.
  2. A new Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK, which assists with developing high performance computing (HPC) applications. 
  3. An updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit to help the users get familiar with building applications using Windows Azure. Demos, hand-on exercises and manuals are a part of this training kit.
The following new features have been included in the November 2011 release of Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2010:
  • Easier for your environment to connect to Windows Azure because the publish settings file are available for your account.
  • Easy configuration and publication/update of applications. The new publishing wizard enriches the overall experience of publishing right from sign in to review.
  • Multiple profiles are available thus enabling you to store and change the environmental settings easily and quickly.
  • MSBuild command in-line support enables team building and packaging of your applications.
  • In-place updates to deployed services can be made.
  • Credentials can be automatically managed thus eliminating the need of manual intervention.
  • Easier to select one amongst the many Windows Azure subscriptions while publishing within Visual Studio.
  • New hosted service can be created within Visual Studio itself. Windows Azure portal need not be used.
  • Easy and automatic creation and configuration of storage accounts within Visual Studio.
  • Easier to manage multiple deployment environment configurations.
  • Detailed information available about virtual machine initialization status.
  • Remote desktop workflow can be enabled by a simple click of a checkbox.
With respect to Windows Azure Libraries for .NET 1.6, below are the updates:
  • In order to simplify the development experience, service bus and caching from the last Windows Azure AppFabric SDK has been incorporated into this release of Windows Azure Libraries for .NET.
  • Support for invisibility timeout
  • Support for update message method
  • The new size limit for message is 64KB
  • A message can be made invisible until a future time
  • Analytic service settings can be made available through Get/Set Service Settings
  • Also, Windows Azure Emulator has been incorporated with performance enhancements.

The below enhancements are now present in Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK which will enable developers to include the below in a Windows Azure deployment:
  • Resource Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Persistent State Management of job queues
  • Persistent State Management of resource configuration
  • Web-based submission

With these updates, the developers are empowered to develop compute intensive applications that are scalable in Windows Azure. Click here for more information
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