Friday, April 6, 2012

My PicPhone Book – a Picture Dialing App Developed by Cygnet’s Mobility Team

MyPicPhone Book is an amazing IPhone application developed by Cygnet’s Mobility Team for its Germany based client. The application brings an exciting feature to IPhone users for making calls using pictures of contact persons.

MyPicPhone Book works wonderfully for the client who was previously bogged with conventional and lengthy mode of calling. Since the client wanted a smart application to manage contacts with pictures and use them for instant calling, Cygnet took the initiative and fulfilled his requirement.
MyPicPhone Book has a facility to connect the call with a mere tap on the picture of the contact person. Thus, it gives direct connectivity discarding long scrolling process of finding person’s name from the contact list. The application was developed using IPhone SDK 3.0 technology.

The application incorporates following features:
  •          Ability to attach pictures with contacts
  •          Facility to edit, change or remove picture attached with the contact
  •          Manages innumerable contacts with pictures
  •          Facility to set up the sequence of pictures for quick dialing
  •          Displays picture even while the call is in progress
The client was very happy to see Cygnet’s excellent work followed by which he has assigned more projects of Mobile Application Development to Cygnet.

Cygnet’s mobility team is highly enthusiastic with such appreciation and looks forward to deliver more solutions to its clients.

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  1. This is quite exciting application. This makes life easy to scroll down all the list of contacts and read them one by one to make call to certain one.

  2. Thank you Dipak Fatania. If you have any suggestions you are always welcome.