Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cygnet Java Team’s Assistance to Client in Managing Billing Application

Cygnet again has expanded its list of happy clients with its unmatched services and technology. This time it is glad to express that its Java team has been successful in providing service to manage the billing application of its client based in California (USA) who deals in providing online faxing solutions across the world.

The Java Team of Cygnet has extended great efforts in the programming of Billing Application which has helped the client in delivering accurate faxing solutions to various counterparts of the world. The billing application works on differentiating criteria such as True or False and detects Errors and Uncovered Codes in the Test Cases which was previously impeding the working of the Test Cases in the Billing Application. 
With an exceptional know-how, Cygnet's Java Team has managed to cover the codes in the Test Cases to facilitate smooth running of the application. It has worked to increase the frequency of running the Test Cases correctly and has achieved 93.1% code coverage which is the highest possible Code Logic covered till now. It has used the technology such as Spring, Oracle, and iBATIS to create the code coverage which has removed the gaps in the application and on the other hand has increased the running efficiency of the application and reports generated through it.
The client is very happy to notice the development in his Billing Application done by Cygnet’s Java Team and has greatly appreciated the teams’ effort. 
The client is highly impressed and has made a remark- 
“It is very good to see the progress we have made. This is impressive and just wanted to mention that you are doing an excellent job.”
After this project, the client has also allocated another project to Cygnet.
Cygnet is grateful to receive such an appreciation from clients and promises to provide such unprecedented solutions to clients on continuous basis.
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