Friday, May 18, 2012

Client’s Website Traffic Improves with Cygnet’s SEO Services

With Cygnet’s SEO services, the client has observed an increase in his website traffic. The client is a New York based wedding photographer for worldwide destination weddings. The client’s concern was to generate huge business and increase popularity of his services on the web. After analyzing Cygnet’s SEO services and proposed benefits, he took up Cygnet’s SEO services for optimizing his website and increasing its traffic.

To increase the traffic of client’s website, Cygnet’s SEO strategy included Page Ranking, Link-Building and Social Media Marketing. All these techniques compounded to raise popularity of client’s website on the internet which ultimately doubled the number of visitors to his website.

Looking at this progress of increasing website traffic, the client mentioned

“We seems to do good with inquiries when we are well optimized”

The whole SEO team is happy to receive such an appreciation and aspires to receive more such projects in future and continue its practice of providing cutting-edge SEO services.

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