Monday, May 28, 2012

Cygnet Fixes Bugs in Mobile VOIP Application of Client

VOIP is an acronym of Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology which allows people to call via internet. Therefore, it is also known as Internet telephony, IP telephony, or Voice over the Internet (VOI). Skype is an example of VOIP service. It is an alternative of using telephones and mobile devices for calling people. Thus it relieves from paying call charges. All one needs to pay for is the internet data usage. Hence, VOIP is an exciting option to call people cheaply.

VOIP in recent years has gained huge popularity which is why many companies are offering this service. Till recent time, VOIP services were accessible just via PC but since the mobile technology has expanded, this service has also entered the mobile industry. There are many companies who are now offering VOIP applications for Mobile which come bundled with various facilities. As this is a new technology for mobile, many such Mobile VOIP providers face issues and bugs in delivering and maintaining their VOIP applications.
One such company (US based - engaged in providing services like e-faxing, email marketing, virtual calling) is a client of Cygnet who has developed such VOIP applications for Android and IPhone. Cygnet has been providing various services and solution to this client company on various Microsoft and Java technologies since past 2 and half years. It also faced issues and bugs in delivering and maintaining its mobile VOIP applications and required to solve these bugs to enhance and improve its services. Since it knew Cygnet’s capabilities, it assigned the task of resolving the issues and enhancing the application to Cygnet. As a part of building long term relationship with the client company, Cygnet took up the challenge to resolve the bugs and render smooth and error-free working of these mobile VOIP applications.

The modus-operandi of Cygnet’s mobility team remained simple yet effective to rule out the errors and problems faced by client in these VOIP applications for Android and IPhone. Even without having detailed knowledge of the application, Cygnet completely resolved the issues and successfully enhanced the working of the VOIP applications in a very short span of time. The client is extremely happy with Cygnet’s efforts to resolve the issues who can now provide better and error-free mobile VOIP applications to various Android and IPhone users.

The client has appreciated Cygnet team’s efforts by saying –

“You guys are doing great and I appreciate your hard work”

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