Monday, July 23, 2012

Cygnet Creates Awareness on Global Warming with an iPhone Game

With a view to spread awareness about saving environment, Cygnet’s bright mobility team developed a gaming app for IPhones. Since the application is about saving the environment, it is named as ‘The Rescue’
‘The Rescue’ game has a wonderful theme of developing a city from scratch using resources like food, coins and wood. In the game, the player has to construct various amenities and assets like Stock House, Factory, Power Plant, Public Transport, University, etc which leads to pollution and global warming in the environment. And, in order to reduce them, the player has to plant trees and forests in the city and restore environmental balance. Thus the game is about keeping perfect environmental balance along with industrial development.
The game displays bars of pollution and global warming and also shows the level of resources available with the player. The player has to keep these bars of global warming and pollution at bare minimum level by proper utilization of resources and plantation of trees. Once these bars reach maximum level, the game ends. In a nutshell, the player in the game has to rescue environment from the vices of pollution and global warming.

Here follows some detailed highlights of the ‘The Rescue’ which Cygnet’s mobility team developed with its unparalleled grip in mobile application development.

  • Developed on iPhone 3.1.3 version and Objective C language
  • Includes complete instructions for users
  • Displays usage of coins, food and wood so that players can use them discreetly while developing City
  • Alerts users in case of rising pollution levels while development of city
  • Adds up scores at every level and maintains records of Best Scores made

With this game, the player gets tough challenge to maintain rights balance in the eco-system. Through ‘The Rescue’, Cygnet imparts players with great sense of responsibility towards environment.

By developing this IPhone app, Cygnet has proved it can convert any sort of ideas and visualization into smartest app using its expertise on latest mobile technologies.

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