Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Student of Cygnet Training Center Gets Nominated for IT Awards

Cygnet Training Center, a division of Cygnet Infotech is proud to proclaim the nomination of its student Himanshu Shah, in one of the most renowned IT Awards - Devang Mehta IT Awards which is conducted by NASSCOM's Regional Council along with Gujarat Government, Gujarat Technological University, Dewang Mehta Foundation on 6th August, 2012. The award will be given for the best technicality and presentation skills in the project.

Himanshu Shah has been nominated among top 3 students from his college, Charotar Institute of Technology situated in Changa near Ahmedabad. Cygnet Training Center has helped him in developing the project on Batch Scheduler, a system to help organization in managing candidates, projects and resources. The project mentor Mr. Ashish Pal Singh (Java and Android Trainer at Cygnet Training Center) has provided complete training on Java technology to help him develop the project from scratch. Through this project, he helped Himanshu in showcasing how Batch Scheduler helps in bridging gaps between a candidate and a trainer and enable trainer to get correct status of each candidate under him. The project is said to have been meeting all the criteria of technicality, presentation, innovation, social impact, implementability, originality and scalability.

After getting nominated for the project developed at Cygnet, Himanshu is very thankful and has expressed deep gratitude towards the whole team Cygnet Training Center by saying

“I am privileged to have undergone training here at CTC. The quality training was imparted professionally and in a friendly atmosphere, which in my view was most important. The effort from the trainers to make us gain every bit of curriculum was pushing us to give 100% from our side. Every possible support to the student is extended here. This has immensely helped us to understand the subject and enriching our overall knowledge.”

Cygnet is looking forward to help many such more students in their IT skills and projects and get appreciated and renowned for its first-rate training in computer technologies and language.

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