Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A revolutionary software for CNC machines

Bringing for you a very interesting software development story from Inside Cygnet Infotech development labs

Our client, a sheet metal machine manufacturer, wanted to offer a competitive cost effective sheet metal cutting machine to his customers, the challenge faced was that the cost of the CAD-CAM software kept the machine out of reach of smaller workshops. If he could offer the software free or for a small cost, it opened for him a very large market of small and medium buyers who could not afford the machine earlier.

Working to create a solution that would change the market dynamics and empower small and medium sized workshops with quality tools excited us enough to take up the challenge. We studied the CNC machines and its workings. We understood metal and various shapes in which it gets cut. We developed engineering shapes specific for this solutions which industry leader engineering software were unable to provide. The biggest challenge was to provide a automated nesting algorithm by which the shapes on a metal plate will be optimized. This optimization process can save tremendous amount of money as every centimeter of metal saved or used better is direct benefit to the user. The product had to be easy to use and need minimal infrastructure as foremen at workshops were expected to use the software.

The solution delivered was very well excepted by the client and his customers. It was easy to use, and could be run on a standard PC. Shape library added convenience and nesting saved a lot of money for the machine operators.

As an appreciation of the work done, the client invited and hosted the development team at his manufacturing facilities.
We are already working on some new path breaking software developments on similar lines with this client for his new models.

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