Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's Cygnet got to do with Jewelry?

What has an IT company got to do with jewelry?

This question has been bogging me for long and has been at the top of my recall since we uploaded the last 2 case studies on the website

1. E-commerce with custom jewelry design
2. E-commerce for distributors

There appears to be an eternal connection, an advantage that Cygnet Infotech enjoys when working with jewelers. I do not know if i should relate it to our being based in Ahmedabad, a major center for gold trading and located very close to Surat, the world largest center for diamond polishing as it does not reflect this way when I review our client profiles.

I distinctly remember that the first ever customer Cygnet booked (year 2000)was a jeweler, and we created a website for him which was a source of envy for jewelers across the town.

The first e-commerce store we did was again for a jeweler. I remember the team slogging it out to include real time pricing of gold and working with jewelry images for the shopping cart that were light to carry on the web and did not lose the details of the jewelry.

The just released case study "e-commerce with a Custom jewelry designing tool" is again a novel concept where customers can design their own stone jewelry, explore new settings, unique designs, preview the final design, get costs and place orders. (check out the case study to find out more)

And the last release "e-commerce tool for distributors that involves retailers" empowers jewelry distributors and retailers to compete and protect their business from large format online stores that are eating away a significant part of their business (check out the case study to find out more)

These 2 unique applications, the first customer, the first e-commerce customer and other shopping carts and custom web applications we built for other jewelers clearly show some eternal connection Cygnet has with jewelers.

We have a significant share of jewelers as our customers and we bond really well with them. What could be the reasons - creativity, innovative solutions, better understanding of their products or just chance.

I look forward to your comments on the new case studies and on this interesting mystery I brought out for "Inside Cygnet Infotech"

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