Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cygnet on Campus

This is absolutely inside information, reporting right in the middle of the act.

Cygnet is visiting engineering campuses in and around Ahmedabad to recruit and add bright young talent to its team. The HR team has been to two colleges (LD & Vishwakarma) and plans to do two more this week, so this news comes exactly in the middle of the act.

Yes, we are adding new development labs also.

What happened at these colleges?
If you happen to be shortlisted you would have qualified the following rounds: Aptitude tests, technical test, group discussion, personal technical interview, personal HR interview. So we can expect some real good talent joining us soon. Get some cool guidance and warm welcome for these young guys & gals when they come over to accept your seniority.

Check out this space to get a campus recruitment update from me.

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