Thursday, April 11, 2013

iPhone 5S - Coming Up Next!

Apple has enjoyed the success of iPhone 5 and surely, would be looking forward to introduce something new in the technology market to remain up in the tech news and competition. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is positively looking ahead to start the production of the successor or upgraded version of iPhone 5 i.e iPhone 5S.

Apple has started the trend of launching the upgraded version of its iPhone couple of years ago and since then, Apple is following it continuously. Thus, the news are high that soon, Apple will be coming up with iPhone 5S.
The tech lovers have witnessed the rumors that had spread before the release of iPhone 5 regarding its features and looks. But, this time there is no such crowd eagerly waiting for the next coming iPhone. It is not that the craze of Apple's iPhone has gone out of the mind of people; in fact, it is still there but, the only reason is the trend followed by the company.
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The Apple lovers and tech experts have noticed a common thing that Apple does not come up with any significant changes in the upgraded version of iPhones. iPhone 4S is proof to the last statement as it was just the modified version of iPhone 4. There are only few things that may be a part of upcoming iPhone, including better battery life and improved processor.
However, people will love to switch to iPhone 5S as the price will not be higher and will be available easily. Also, the people who missed to grab iPhone 5 can experience it in a better way by capturing upcoming iPhone 5S
The expected release date of iPhone 5S is mid-summer of the current year 2013 as it will be a perfect time to launch the upgraded version as close competitors of Apple i.e. Samsung and Google seem not to be introducing any new gadget in summer.
Moving ahead to iPhone 5S, you will find a real reason to party as then, Apple will be tightening its belt to launch next generation iPhone i.e. iPhone 6. This has been highlighted as the dream project of Apple and iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for it. The party does not end here as Samsung, Google and BB will also be coming up with their new versions. So later this year, there will be loads of surprises for the tech lovers and for the technology market. 

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