Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mobility Features in SharePoint 2013: Partners Can Fill in the Gaps

SharePoint 2013 has arrived in the market and has earned words of praise from most critics. The latest version of SharePoint is packed with several resourceful features, including - task management, new user interface, search, storage and new collaboration. However, the upgraded version still falls short of expectations in social and mobile features.
SharePoint 2013 has taken care of its targeted clients i.e. enterprises and big organizations as most of its features are designed to provide better flexibility to handle the organizational tasks more efficiently. With SP 2013, it will become easier for the clients to build intranets, forums, public sites, and blogs, manage, store and search documents. SharePoint is doing well for Microsoft by generating around $2 billion annual profit. Thus, Microsoft is consistently advertising the new version to attract maximum clients towards it.
However, the biggest threat to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is its weak approach in social and mobile relevant areas. One Forrester research analyst says - Microsoft should take this on serious note as other alternatives are providing the same features along with better social and mobile supporting features.

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The SharePoint Mobile Challenges
The technology market has witnessed one of the largest changes in technical areas as the arrival of smartphone and tablets has turned the audience towards it. Hence, it becomes essential for the tech services providers to offer supportive smartphone and tablet compatible features to remain ahead in the market.
However, Microsoft provides a SharePoint NewsFeed application for Windows and iOS based mobile phones to provide user access to the people and documents they follow. In addition, it also provides several Windows phone application for Skydive Pro. But, still these features are not enough for SP to remain ahead in run in this competitive market.
The tech experts believe that it is right time for Microsoft to introduce a wide range of mobile supporting features, especially for the mobile platform, like - Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS.
While this may be true, customers can still develop custom mobile applications around SharePoint and competent Microsoft Partners like Cygnet Infotech can assist in that. 


  1. Depending on the mobile browser being used, SharePoint can provide different browsing options the Classic View, the Contemporary View and the Full Screen UI.

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