Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mobile & Web Applications Will Now Get a Blend of Facebook

We all know that Facebook has changed the way people interact and share personal and professional information with each other. It has also revolutionized the way for marketer to reach customers. And now with its increasing usage and influence, it is all set to make a wave in application development due to the Facebook Technology Partners Program. The Facebook Technology Partners Program is all about making applications and website more social by integrating it with different technologies, languages and platforms. 

Facebook has joined a partnership with leading development platforms and frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha, Corona, Stack Mob, Trigger io, Outcurve and many more.  This is a significant move on the part of Facebook because a number of devices are now equipped with HTML5 and statistics show the devices used by people having HTML5 would cross over 1 million by the end of 2013. HTML 5 is said to ease users reach across different devices and give an improved user experience and render better sharing on Facebook via apps running on HTML5.

Besides, integrating Facebook with applications will help users see what their friends are doing along with just sharing and viewing comments. For e.g. An airline application would help user not only get details about the timing of his flight but will also help him share or get information about local restaurants in the destination city. Moreover, apps with Facebook login can directly help users publish stories from the app instead of signing into Facebook separately. Through Facebook integrated apps, one can also gauge better insights about consumers.

Looking at this, Facebook can certainly take the social sharing to greater heights without losing the important processes and operations running on your device be it laptop, mobile or tablet.

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