Monday, May 31, 2010

Innovative software designed specifically for Sheet Cutting Industry/ Windows based CAD Cam CNC Software

This business solution has been designed for a CNC Machine manufacturer to address the need of his shoppers (sheet cutters, lathe manufacturers) who need minimize material wastage.

This windows based platform helped the shoppers to create their own designs and convert CAD DXF and graphics designs into GCode / CNC Toolpaths for machines parts and components.

The solution uses Shape Nesting algorithm that automatically arranges the vector shapes to get optimal material usage and minimum wastage. The algorithm works in a manner that it arranges the vector shapes / parts as close to each other as possible at the same time making sure a sufficient gap allow easy part cutting.

The solution combines two steps in single software. The solution provides design module that allows you to define your own shapes or use existing shapes from the shape library. The second module generated GCODE that links with machine process immediately using a simple mouse click.

The solution offers multiple features such as allowing operators to create orders using existing assemblies, allowing shape importing from other applications, Exporting cutting layouts to CNC machines.

The above mentioned features make the tool extremely powerful yet the solution’s ease of usage is awesome.

Click here to know more about the solution.


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