Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On a new high……

I am on a new high each time I receive a client appreciation.

Can’t describe the feeling.

And if it happens twice in a single day there are no words that can describe it.

Today was a great day, when I received appreciation on my work from 2 clients.

These 2 are the quite type; interact little except business and quite difficult to please.

We have been working with them for quite some time and the current projects are near completion in both the cases.

In the 1st case the demo of the web portal was made to the board and they appreciated the way the project had shaped up.

In the 2nd case, an e-learning web application there was a typical design requirement and the client was quite worried about it. The designer got it right in the first attempt and really impressed the client.

They were happy about the way the projects had been managed, the designer’s good work, and good combination of domain and technology skills presented by the development team and esp. by getting it right within the time lines.

You know – How it feels to be appreciated by a client – great, just great, on cloud 9

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