Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Document Management System helping you get the right Information at the right time

All of us struggle from time to time, just to extract the right information causing delay in servicing clients and meeting deadlines.

Add to this the risk of passing right information in wrong hands or the risk of losing valuable information

We at Cygnet understood the exact nature of the problem when this client of our approached us for a solution and built for him a document management system that has ease of accessibility yet needed security.

A web based solution was built to support multi-location offices and travelling staff and the system was integrated with the organizations active directory for privilege based access and document management workflows.

This allowed an easy transition from existing manual documentation to an e-document environment, privilege based access to data and ease in sharing information across locations.

The centralized repository allowed access to the latest set of documents across all offices and immediate reference to historical data.

The system resulted in cost and time saving in delivering documents, ease of document management, and having the right information at the right time.

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