Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PHP @ Cygnet website has a new turf

After working extensively in the background the PHP technology has its very own turf on cygnet website. A new PHP section in the technology area has been added to the Cygnet website that highlights case study of some interesting projects done by the PHP team.

The PHP team has been working in the background for quite some time now. The very first project PHP team was asked to develop was Cygnet Infotech’s own website. The site was given a new structure, shape, look & feel and new content. The site received a lot of compliments from many clients and visitors. Though the PHP team came up with a beautiful website, they did not get a place on the main site for their work as they did not have a show case or a set of case studies to present. The PHP team earned a place on the website quickly completing many projects and earning much client appreciation. Case studies of some of these projects are now available on the website.

We now have a dedicated PHP department and a section of marketing is also focused on PHP business. The team already boosts of excellent client referrals. It also deserves mention that this is the first dedicated team we have created to work on an open source technology and we expect this team to contribute a significant share of overall Cygnet business in this financial year.

Introducing PHP technology in the organization has helped us add new clients and service requirements of our existing clients that we were earlier not able to address. PHP is a platform of choice for E-commerce, business websites, corporate websites, personal and family pages, church and school websites online reservations systems, Small business Web sites, Community-based portals etc to name a few.

This new section provides a center stage to the PHP technology at Cygnet Infotech highlighting the typical client requirements & challenges that were delivered by Cygnet Infotech’s PHP team with innovative solutions.
Check out the new page to know more about what we have achieved and what more we are capable of.

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