Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Something fresh is brewing!!!

Oh you bet something fresh is brewing at Cygnet HO. Behind closed shutters the aroma of fresh paints, fresh d├ęcor is trying to give away the secrets of a new office space.

Though Cygnet had announced the opening of its new premises on the ten year celebrations in June this year, but the grapevine has been abreast with how the new office will look like.

There are speculations, speculations and more speculations but no concrete answers.

I am wondering myself how will it be; taking a look at all the colorful laminations lying outside the site I guess we are in for something funkier and livelier.

I am just dying to know what will be the layout, the color schemes. I cannot contain the curiosity but all is going behind the shutters so guess will have to wait till final unveiling of the masterpiece.

Till then it’s just the whiffs of fresh paints and varnishes and a dash of lively orange yellow laminates winking.

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