Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to our new office……

The day started early, we reached office to a flower decked entry instead of the usual hammering, cutting and grinding we had got used to over last couple of months.

As we entered we could hear the chanting of mantras of the Satyanarayan puja in progress. (Satyanarayan puja is an auspicious Indian ritual. The whole office gathered to attend the rituals and took active interest in the whole proceedings that continued for almost 3 hours.

This was followed by ritual of placing a Kalasha ( an earthen pot filled with water covered with mango leaves and a coconut placed over it, covered with a piece of cloth and a red and white thread. As per the tradition the ceremony was facilitated by 4 little girls. The kalasha symbolizes immortality, joy, love, respect and greatness.

This was followed by prasad & feasting

With the blessing of the Gods, purified by the rituals, brimming with a lot of positive energy, our new office is now ready to be occupied.

I could hear a lot of eager murmurs as to who gets to sit in the new offices.

More about the new offices and who managed to get there in the next story

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