Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Welcome New Joinees

Cygnet went from campus to campus to recruit and induct some fresh blood and groom them to future IT managers.

Post Independence Day celebrations, the campus recruits were inducted into the Organization. They will now have to go through the induction program designed specially to groom them into their new roles.

You can feel the vibrancy, the rawness and excitement of the youth, and the burning fire that always hungry for more information.

The transition from campus to career can be quite exciting. The curiosity of an individual who goes through this experience is something to observe.

As a part of their induction, a session has been arranged with each department to share their experiences with the new joinee’s. Technical sessions have been arranged to train them on processes and practices followed in the organization. While they move to their respective teams to get a real time experience after 15 days, the technical trainings are expected to continue for 4months and we expect to have them ready as subject matter expert in their fields.

We look forward to a great inning from them and with wish them all the best.

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