Monday, December 5, 2011

How to use and configure Dynamics CRM Mobile App

The Windows Marketplace has released Dynamics CRM Mobile App that can help users receive latest notifications on their mobile phones.

Below are the steps to be followed to configure and start using this app from your mobile phone:
  1. Download Dynamics CRM App from the Windows Marketplace. Install the application and launch it.
  2. Specify user name and password to connect to your CRM Online instance. This is same as the one that you use to connect from web client or outlook client to the CRM Online instance.
  3. Once the configuration is done, a window with ‘Success’ message is displayed.
  4. To enable connection to IFD (Internet Facing Domain) environment, toggle the switch “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online” which then becomes “Custom”.
  5. Enter your server URL and home realm URL (if any). Contact your administrator for these details, if you are unsure. Ensure you choose the right organization if there is more than one. 
  6. The administrator must enable Activity Feeds for your organization to get the real time posts. In order to take advantage of this app, your mobile needs to run UR5 or greater version. 
Apart from getting real time notifications, the below activities can be done from the mobile phone once the configuration is complete:
  • User can view both auto and user posts
  • User can make or refresh a post or comment
  • User can delete a post or comment if they have proper permissions
  • User can move from one post to another by using right and left arrows
  • By tapping on blue text on the form, user can navigate between entities
  • User can view CRM entities such as accounts, contacts, leads etc.
  • User can search and view a record
  • User can also reconfigure the app for a different organization
  • User can launch email, phone and Bing maps tasks from record form
Apart from the above, with the help of system administrator, user can enable specific entities for mobile and choose the right columns for every entity’s view.

Also, when you set up personal views on your web or outlook client, it will automatically get downloaded to your phone after 24 hours. Additionally, if you make any metadata changes to the server, they will be reflected on your phone as well. Read more

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