Monday, December 26, 2011

Optifocus 9.0 Released

Optifocus released its new version 9.0 in Nov 2011 with a number of enhancements and new features. Optifocus is an Optician’s practice management and marketing software which facilitates the management of day to day sales, inventory and patient appointments and communication.

Whats New in Optifocus 9.0
Till now, Optifocus was designed specifically for managing optician practices in the United Kingdom. However, with Optifocus 9.0, support for US optician’s requirements has also been included. So Optifocus 9.0 is now available as both Optifocus UK version and Optifocus USA version.

Some of the new features and upgrades in Optifocus 9.0 are
  • Better Patient Management
    • Ability to generate report card for patients in case of revisit / recall.
    • Possibility to send SMS alerts to patients
    • Ability to record the GP details
  • Better Cash monitoring
    • Ability to view daily / previous cash transactions
  • Stronger support for multi-branch operations
    • Chat module to facilitate instant messaging between employees in different branches. This module includes ability to view online users and maintain chat history.
    • Email module to facilitate communication between employees in same or other branches
  • New Accounts module to facilitate basic accounting for sales, income and purchases. Report generation facility has also been provided.
  • New Email module for communicating with patients and suppliers. This promises to be a great tool for sending reminders / promotional offers to patients and for following up with suppliers. The email module can be configured with your Gmail account if required.
  • New utility to generate bar codes for different products.
  • Better security and administration
    • Utility to back-up your Optifocus database for safety against loss
  • Better monitoring of employees
    • Maintenance of daily attendance and in-out records
    • Ability to manage employee schedules
    • Ability to calculate salary automatically using attendance records
  • New module Stock Take to search & update physical inventory of products
  • Ability to record NHS payments (for UK) and print GOS forms (for UK)
  • Facility to define brand group and other product groups and other products
  • Facility to search for old transactions
  • Fully updated Help module
Optifocus 9.0 brings in more transparency to transactions. New features for branch and headquarters make operations more efficient for optician’s practice.

Visit Optifocus to read more.

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