Friday, December 9, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Demo on Android or iPhone

Are you one of those curious Android or iPhone mobile phone users who are itching to try out the new Windows 7 release? Well, worry not! Microsoft has released a cool demo that can be run on iPhone and Android phone without any issues.
With a tap or a swipe, you will be presented with a start up screen with the most commonly used services such as Messaging, Outlook, and Calendar etc. Once you have tested any one of the service’s demo, you can go back to the main screen to test another one. It is simple, interactive and certainly very user-friendly.
Some of the features that take Windows 7 mobile to the next level of communication are:
  • Touch-Friendly user interface that is slick and elegant.
  • With a tap and a drag, move the apps around.
  • Easy synchronization of documents between your phone and PC.
  • Access to Outlook mail application giving way to important features such as flagging important e-mails etc.
  • Large and colorful live tiles can be used as shortcuts to frequently used apps and websites.
  • Adding apps to Quick launch is as easy as it can get.
  • A single people hub to show the ‘Recent’, ‘New’ and ‘What’s New’ happenings with your friends across social networking sites.
  • The interface is elegant and extremely impressive. Usage of bold colors and clear font has made the overall display quality very high.
Though a lot of focus has been about the cool interface and its impressive look, the functionality aspect of Window 7 mobile is to be appreciated as well. With live tiles and several useful apps, Windows 7 mobile sure seems to be gaining the edge in the mobile market.

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