Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Optifocus is Now Ready for USA Opticians

Till the previous version, Optifocus catered only to the UK market. However, with the release of Optifocus version 9.0 in Nov 2011, Optifocus is now ready to assist USA opticians in their practice.
Optifocus is a comprehensive practice management and marketing software for an optician that assists in managing patients, appointments, inventory, communication and point of sale. With its multi-branch functionality, an optician can manage operations and employees at different branch locations.
Some of the changes done in Optifocus for USA release are
  • Support for state and federal taxes
  • Currency shows in $
  • Address records as per USA requirements including street, suite, and zip code
  • Name of Insurer and Member Group can be recorded
  • National Provider Identification (NPI Number)
  • Fully updated USA Help module
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