Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Windows Store is here!

With the new Windows store, Microsoft has made yet another attempt to please its users. As per the official blog, below areas have been of major focus in the Windows store

Ease of app discovery
The new Windows store is designed with functionalities that ensures better visibility of apps because of which discovering apps is now more efficient. Some features that are implemented in order to help developers and customers discover apps of their interests as quickly as possible are Search, Category browse, Ranking lists and Editorial Curation.
To the users browsing through IE 10 on Windows 8, developers can now promote their apps by displaying a metro style app rather than plain text.
Wider market
Windows store is now available in 231 countries and supports multiple languages. The payment for Windows store is accepted in the local currencies of more than 50 countries. PayPal is another payment method that is acceptable by Windows store in most nations. With this, the reachability and usability of Windows store is certainly on a rise.
Designed for Enterprise as well
Now it is possible for enterprise users to market and offer their apps in form of metro style app through the Windows store.
  • Enterprise can restrict the access to Windows store catalog to specific employees.
  • Direct deployment of apps to PCs is possible.
  • IT admins can install enterprise apps on the Windows 8 machines that they manage.
  • Group policy can be used by IT admins to allow metro style app installation on Windows 8 Beta PCs.
New Business models
Now, developers have a wide range of flexible options when it comes to choosing a business model to build the metro style apps on. Giving developers choices with respect to developing business models helps them evolve new ideas and approaches as conditions and needs change.
Better ways to engage customers/developers
Windows store presents customers with trials and in-app purchase facilities that provide them with consistent firsthand experience of all the applications. Developers also have chance to control their advertising thus enabling them to fund their business. Also, Microsoft has made way for open source apps in the new Windows store.
App Certification Kit
Along with the SDK, Microsoft will be providing the developers with app certification kit and app acceptance guidance so that the developers can develop and publish apps that have minimal chance of rejection due to compliance issues.
Store economics
In the new Windows store, individual registration fee is $49 USD. For companies, it is $99 USD. Microsoft will share up to 80% of the revenue generated from app sale.
On a side note, Microsoft has announced that all the apps during Beta period will be free of cost; paid apps are unsupported.
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